$5 Friday at Safeway April 6!


It is $5 Friday at Safeway and there are some good deals this week!

Nissin Top Ramen 6 Pack 5 for $5
Goldfish $5

Nabisco Variety Packs 20 ct. $5
Use $1 off from 2/25 SS

Drumstick 8 ct. $5
Lucerne Ice Cream Gallon $5
Tropicana Orange Juice 89 oz. $5
Coffee Mate Creamer 64 oz. $5
Fiji Water 6 Pack $5
La Tortilla Factory Tortillas 2 for $5

Smithfield bacon $5
Lloyds BBQ Ribs $5
Safeway Frozen Meatballs $5
Juanita’s Tortilla Chips 3 for $5
Tims Cascade Hawaiian Chips 3 for $5

Strawberries 2lbs $5
Jumbo Artichokes 2 for $5


All American Sub Sandwich-This will feed ALL Your KIDS!! I always grab a couple for the weekend (especially if you are going to a game, the park, or a trip-or don’t want to make anything!)
Primo Taglio Honey Ham $5lb
American Cheddar Cheese $5 lb.
8 Piece Fried Chicken $5
Signature Cafe Chicken Wings $5 lb.

Lofthouse Frosted Cookies 15 ct.
Dozen Donuts $5

Dozen Bagels $5

Tide Pods $5
Print $2 off Tide

Gain Flings $5
Febreze Refresher $5
Old Spice Deodorant 2 for $5

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