SUPERPRETZEL is the Perfect Snack for Family and for a Super Bowl Party Appetizer!


SUPERPRETZEL!!! My family loves  SUPERPRETZEL – and I love that you can have one whenever you want out of the freezer (not just at a basketball game or an event)

I have 5 kids, and when they have friends over and I make them a SUPERPRETZEL for their after school play date snack-they think it is really cool. It is also good to keep some nacho cheese on hand-that is our favorite! 

The Soft Pretzel Bites and the Pretzel Dogs are an awesome appetizer for a Super Bowl Party too! If you check out they have a recipe section-WOW..there is a recipe for SUPERPRETZEL Soft Bites with Honey, Bacon, and Chili and it looks AMAZING. Plus, have you ever though of using them to make a SANDWICH?? 

I am going to use this SUPERPRETZEL $.50 off coupon and stock my freezer and serve some for Super Bowl, and also grab some for my kids and their friends! 

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