Happy New Year-My 2017 Lessons and 2018 Plans! (so far)

Happy New Year everyone!!

Nope-I do not have a blog post on goal setting for you-at least not yet!

I usually spend the end of December and beginning of January reflecting on the previous year. I think about what worked, what didn’t work, what I will keep doing, what I need to stop doing, and what do I need to change. I try not to make too big of a list, because if I do-i get overwhelmed and quit. 

Here are a few things I do at the end of the year to help me decide what to plan for the following year..

  1. I look at my goals from last January and see if I actually accomplished them. If I didn’t, then I admit that I didn’t really want to do them, and then delete them, or tweak them for this current year. Example-weight’s on there every year.. There really isn’t a day that goes by that I think about how or why I should lose weight, so I am taking that off for this year. I do weigh less than last year, but I am just not feeling it for this year (even though I need to) I may revisit that in the Spring as a possible Summer goal. 
  2. I went on the trips I had planned, and this year I had to decide with my husband where we were going for our anniversary, short trips, family vacations, etc and those will be the goal for this year. 
  3. This year is a bit different because my daughter is graduating school, so we have graduation plans, and college to navigate through, and I want to be prepared for those as well. 
  4. I went through our credit card and bank statements (online) and I did a search for  “Starbucks” , “Peets Coffee” and a few other restaurants and stores to see what I spent there for the entire year….SHOCKING. When you think 4-$5 doesn’t really matter, IT DOES..  I spent $600 on coffee this year-not all for me, I am sure I bought breakfast, plus my husband and kids got things from there-but that doesn’t count when I have bought lattes at Target and Safeway-or paid cash. If someone offered me $1,000 to not go to Starbucks or out to coffee all year I would say yes..but instead I squandered it $5 at a time-So for the last month I have actually made coffee AT HOME and brought it with me when needed-and I have survived!! 
    If every time I am tempted to go out for coffee I transfer $5 to my savings account I could pay for Christmas next year!
  5. I don’t feel bad that I didn’t accomplish what I wanted, but I look at what I DID accomplish and where I succeeded. I am a different person now than I was 1 year ago, which means in 1 year I will be different than now, so if there is anything I don’t like it is possible for me to change it-so why feel bad. 
  6. I make goals by the season. Beginning of the year, spring, summer, fall and then Christmas. 
  7. I will be couponing more this year-and blogging. My coffee spending made me realize that everything adds up. I have gotten in the habit of “Oh, I don’t need to use coupons every time, it’s only $1 more or whatever amount..” And, looking back, if I had saved $20 a week, that would be $1,000 for the year. So between using coupons and making my own coffee, I could have had $2,000 more, and I REALLY have to make sure I am not mad at myself about that. 

So, those are some things I have realized so far, and then I will form those into some goals and direction for the year. I make Personal, educational, social, spriritual, and family goals, so I put some time thinking on them. Then I actually start on them when my kids go back to school. I love Christmas vacation (we went to Santa Barbara this week) so starting January 8 is when I start my new year. 

Share your new years goals and reflections in the comments if you would like, and stay tuned for more coming up!

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