Veggie and Meat Kebobs to Stretch Your Budget -Even For Dessert!

Ready to grill for your 4th of July BBQ?

Making Kebabs is a great way to stretch your budget!!

Just cut of your meat of choice (or have your butcher cut it for you!) Chicken is always an inexpensive choice, and even if you choose steak, a few chunks of steak on a skewer is cheaper than a whole steak per person at your party!

Once you cut your veggies and meats, provide some skewers -and your guests can create
their own! That way they are less likely to pick things off and throw them away! I learned this from my kids. Although every color of bell peppers looks beautiful-they went in the trash!
If Colored Bell Peppers are not on sale, or you want to tighten your costs-Zucchini and Grape tomatoes are more budget friendly and just as colorful! 

You can also grill some corn on the cob! These are usally around $.25 each, and you can cut them in half!

You can even use skewers for your desserts!
Strawberries, blueberries, grapes, bananas, marshmallows, brownies-you choose and give everyone a stick to make their own dessert!


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