Costco Deals Worth Grabbing October 2015


I was at Costco this weekend, and found some items are worth a trip- if you can stay away from the items that aren’t so great of deals!


GoGurt 32ct $4.89
This is the same as paying  $1.22 per box at the store, which is a great deal because my kids like them.
We put them in the freezer for their school lunches.

Nonfat Milk was $3.59 for 2 Gallons!!
=$.179 per gallon!!
I forget what the other types were, but that is a GREAT deal for a family that goes through a lot of milk!

Ling Ling Potstickers 67.2 oz. $7.29
Submit for $2.50 Ibotta Cash Back

Finish Dishwasher Tablets 110ct $10.99
=$.10 per tablet
Same as paying $2 for a 20ct package at the store!


When I started couponing I ended my Costco and Sam’s Club memberships because I was saving so much more money buying with coupons. 

Plus, I would always buy “extra” items and still need to supplement regular items to go with what I bought at Costco or Sams and always seemed to go over budget. 

A couple years ago, I was given a Sam’s Club and a Costco membership. So when I see good deals at either places I let those of you know who do have the memberships.  I have found that milk, eggs, trashbags, bottled water, and a few other items are sometimes worth a trip there, and a cheap lunch/snack trip with the kids!



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