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J’Adore Vox Box From Influenster Review!


I received a Vox Box from Infleunster free. It was filled with these items!

I have tried them all, and here is my take on each item!

Hershey’s Kisses-That is a no-brainer right?? It is chocolate. Bite-sized pieces of chocolate. Of course they were awesome (and the very first thing fought over!)

John Frieda Frizz Ease 3 Day Straight-This actually worked EXACTLY like it was advertised. My hair stayed straight and never got frizzy. My daughters used it too. We all have a different hair type, and we all loved it. I had use a dry shampoo in the mornings, but it looked shiny and straight until I washed it. 

KISS Lashes-I think I finally figured out how to apply these, and it was just weird having them on. They looked good, got a few good pics, but knowing they were fake I was afraid people would notice I was wearing them . I think they may be better for younger women. 

Red Rose Tea-the BEST Caramel Tea. I felt like I was having a warm dessert snuggling on the couch. It also smelled good enough for the kids to want to try it !

Vaseline Spray Lotion for Men-A little weird for the men to get used to a different kind of lotion, but overall it was a big hit. My husband liked it and probably prefers it to regular lotion now since it was easy to apply.


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