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Safeway Has Cereal For $.99 Per Box!!



It is Cereal Stock Up Time at Safeway!!

There are new cereals to try too!


Peanut Butter Toast Crunch and Cheerios Medley Crunch-Like Cheerios and Honey Bunches of Oats mixed!
Other Varieties included
Print $1 off 2 General Mills Cereals
=$.99 each

Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks $1.49
Print $.50 off 2 BC Fruit Snacks
=$1.24 each




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Bel Air Raley's

Raley’s and Bel Air Deals and Coupon Matchups 1/2-1/8


Here are the best Raley’s and Bel Air deals this week!


Quaker Granola Bars, Quaker Life Cereal, Quaker Cookies- $1.49 when you buy 6 or more
Print $1 off 2 Quaker items
=$.99 each

GoGurt $2
Print $.75 off 2 Go Gurt

Yoplait Single Yogurt $.50 each when you buy 10 or more
 Buy 12 and Use $.40 off 6 yoplait yogurt
=$.44 each

Cottonelle 12 Double Rolls $4.99 when you buy 2 or more
**Look for peelie coupon on the package!

Smart Ones or Lean Cuisine Frozen Meals $1.50 when you buy 10 or more
Print $3 off 10 Smart Ones
=$1.20 each

Jif Peanut Butter and Hazelnut Spread $2 each when you buy 4-Limit 4

Progresso Soups $1.25
Use $1 off 4 from 12/9 SS
=$1 each

Raley’s Chicken Breasts $2.48lb
Raleys Roubnd Roast $2.99lb
Fresh Salmon Fillets $4.99lb

Check Your Something Extra Account for offers, I had a couple in there for buyine meat and spending $40!




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Foods Co

Foods Co Deals and Coupon Matchups 1/2-1/8


The Buy 4 Save $ 4 sale is on at Foods Co!
There aren’t that many items in the ad for it, so hopefully there will be more in the store. They usually include the Procter and Gamble items, so I just bring my whole inserts!

Buy 4 Save $4 Ad items (I will add to the list as I find more items)
Downy Liquid Fabric Softener $1.98-Use $1 off from 12/30 PG
Herbal Essence Shampoo, Cond, Stylers $1.98-Use $1 off one from 12/30 PG=$.98
Febreze Air Effects $1.78-Use $3 off 3 from 12/9 RP
Aquafina 24pack $3.48
Gillette and Satin Care Shave Gel $.98
Scope Mouthwash $1.98-Use $.50 off from 12/30 PG=$1.48
Crest Toothpaste $.98-Use $.50 off from 12/30 PG=$.48 each
Tide $10.98-Use $1.50 off from 12/30 PG
Bounty Paper Towels $5.98-Use $.25 off from 12/30 PG
Charmin Toilet Paper $5.98-Use $.25 off from 12/30 PG
Tampax and Always $2.28-use $.50 off from 12/30 PG, there is $1 off Radiant if they are included=$1.78 each
Dawn Dish Soap $1.78-Use $.25 off from 12/30 PG

General Mills Cereals $2.50-Buy 4 and get a FREE Gallon of Milk! 
Cookie Crisp, Cinnamon Toast Crunch,  Cheerios picutres, I am sure more flavors will be included
$.50 off Cookie Crisp Cereal
$1 off 2 General Mills Cereals
=$2 each +FREE MILK!


Cucumbers $.25 each
Cantaloupe $.25lb

Yoplait Yogurt $.50 each
Print $.40 off 6 Yoplait Yogurt
$.44 each


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Toilet Paper Deal at Safeway!

Now is a good time to stock up on toilet paper at Safeway!

This is the sale I always make sure to stock up on.

Buy 2 Cottonelle 24 Double Rolls $13.99 each
Buy 2 save $6
Use 2-$1.50 off coupons ON PACKAGE
=$9.49 each



Another Idea
Buy 2 Charmin 30 Double Roll- $13.99 each-save $6 when you buy 2
Use $1 off Coupon from Safeway.com loaded to your card
Use $.25 off from 12/30 PG
=$10.37 each

If your Just For U has a 10% off Toilet Paper coupon, you will do even better! It will subtract $1.39 per item! My Cottonelle Came to $8.12 each!



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