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Ordering Coupons On Ebay


This week I bought some extra coupons on Ebay. I just wanted to share the benefits of doing this in case you have never done this before.
I get  newspapers delivered to my door on Sundays. If I like the coupons I buy extra. If the coupons were not that exciting except for a couple certain coupons, I buy the coupons only for the items I wanted.

This Week
I ordered Heinz the $1 off Vinegar Coupons from Ebay. I got 20 for $1.99. Vinegar is on Price Cut at Target for $1,  so i will get them free. It isn’t exactly FREE because I bought the coupons, but for $2 I got 20 Bottles of vinegar=$.10 per bottle.  This coupon was NOT in the newspaper coupons I received in my area this weekend so now I will not miss out on the deal.  I use vinegar for cleaning quite often and I figured $3 for 20 bottles was great and it might make me want to clean more! Or we can get baking soda and do volcano experients! Anyways….

Buying Coupons are a great idea if
1. It is an item you want to stockpile
2. You don’t want to buy more papers for just 1 coupon
3. Another area received a coupon you would like.
4. You are new to couponing and do not have a lot of coupons yet. You can order full inserts of previous weeks.

I ordered a bunch of the $1 off Farmer John Sausage coupons for $3. Then when they were on sale for $.98 I was able to get them for free (or the price I paid for the coupons). Whenver the Buy One Get One Free Hershey Bars coupon comes out I buy those too and use them at Safeway.

Some people have mentioned the fact that it is illegal, immoral, etc to buy/sell coupons. If you read the seller description on the coupons, you are paying for the SERVICE of someone getting the coupons, cutting them out, and then mailing them to you. Which is great because you can just put them in your binder or however you organize them with NO effort! 
I have a PayPal account, and it makes buying coupons(or other items) On Ebay super quick. 

Do you buy coupons on Ebay?

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