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Date Set for Sacramento Coupon Swap, Trade, Get Together….Sunday June 10!

Are you a couponer in Sacramento? Do you have coupons you are looking to trade for? Want to hang out with otherr couponers? Sunday Jue 10 will be a great time to do that.!  New ads, new deals, new coupons-and still a chance to get the Freebie at Raley’s! 

So come join me and whoever else shows up to trade coupons, talk about couponing, share couponing trips, tricks, and just hang out with us! It is totally FREE and hopefully a lot of fun!  There is a limit to 20 people. I will be bringing my binder, my stack of printable coupons that I will need to cut out, and my coupons to shop at Raley’s after the meeting! 

Sunday June 10, 2012
Raley’s on Natomas Blvd, Sacramento (Natomas)

This will not be so much of a ‘class’, but I will be there to answer ANY couponing questions and give advice etc. 

Let me know if you are coming!!!

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Stock Up On Bel Vita Breakfast Crackers!


I wasn’t too thrilled with these, but they are PERFECT for kids snacks!! There are 5 Crackers in each pack which makes these the perfect snack to keep in the car because I can open one pack and share with everyone!

Right now there are TWO coupons for these which makes them a great deal

$1 off Bel Vita (any size) and 1 Gallon MIlk. This coupon can be used on the single size that is available at Walmart!
Buy One Get One Free BelVita ~this is for the single serve size. ( I saw this coupon with a BLANK zip code)~ i apologize, I didn’t look at the actual coupon until now, and it is for the single serve size found at the check out…maybe you can try them and see if you like them…. BUT, you can use the $1 off coupon WITH this on the single serve size because there is not a size restriction on the $1 off.
Buy 2 single serve size and use both coupons.

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Smucker’s Ice Cream Toppings $1.50 Each at Raley’s and Bel Air!

Have you ever decided to make sundaes with the kids or for a party and had to pay $3-$4 for Hot Fudge, Caramel or other topppings? I have, and it’s lame because I sometimes think we don’t need Hot Fudge AND Caramel, and who really needs strawberry right? Well, I am going to take these coupons to Raley’s and grab them now while they are on sale. Then when school is out, or during the summer or a birthday I have them already!

Smuckers Ice Cream Toppings $2 @ Raley’s
Use $1 off 2 Smuckers Toppings
=$1.50 each


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$1 Off King’s Hawaiian Buns!


I have been wanting to try these, now with all the lunchmeat deals is is great timing!!

$1 off Kings Hawaiian Buns, Sandwich Buns, or Mini Sub Rolls!




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