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No Coupon Inserts Tomorrow…But You Can Still Print!!


To celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ-there will be no coupons in the paper tomorrow.  4/8/12

But, God has still provided a way for you to get coupons -PRINTING THEM YOURSELF!  Does that count as working on the Sabbath??? Technically it is your printer working and not you, but that is your call….

Here are some sites you can print coupons from. Often times when there are not coupons in the paper, the printable sites have  more coupons available for printing to make up for it…


Coupon Netowork.com

Red Plum. com


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Saving Money AND Eating Healthy (No coupons needed!)

One of the most common questions I get in classes-“How do you save money on meat and produce?”  While there are ‘rarely’ coupons for these items, there are still ways you can add them to your menus without spending too much.  Meat and produce are still items I spend money on. Using coupons help counter the cost of these items. I usually buy my milk at Raleys -they have the best price, and I usually buy it on the weekend to add that in to my Free item transactions.

This week, I was by  Sprouts. If I can get near one once a week, I like to just buy a bunch of whatever is on sale and then add that to my menu for the following week. Here is what I bought this week-

Boneless Skinless Chicken Tenders $1.77lb. This chicken is not  ‘organic’ but it has never been frozen and I LOVE the tenders size for the smaller kids and for cooking ahead of time for lunch myself. Each tender is 2-3oz which is actually considered a serving.  Also, by stocking up when they are at such a great price, I hopefully will not have to buy chicken again until it is on sale again.

Strawberries $.99lb-I bought a LOT of these. I will not be able to eat them all, but I am going to FREEZE them. A 1lb Bag of Frozen Strawberries is around $3, so I am totally fine freezing my own! HOW TO FREEZE STRAWBERRIES.

Iceberg Lettuce-$.88 each
Cucumbers $.49 each
Tomatoes in the vine $.99 each
Red Bell Peppers $.49 each
Celery $.88 each
Zucchini $.88lb
Mini Eggplants $.10 each

Another Store you may want to check out if it is along your travels…Fresh & Easy
Laurie had this gread shopping trip from there andonly spent $21. 

Fresh & Easy does NOT take coupons, but look for the Manager’s Markdown section for some great deals!

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Bel Air Raley's

Did You Get Your Free Raley’s Nectar Juice??




Laurie worked out 3 really good transactions at Raley’s yesterday!!
Total Out of Pocket~$31.12
Total Value~$105.95

That is VERY good considering there ismilk, veggies, and fruit in there!!

READ MORE to see the details of the 3 transactions!!    If you have a good Raley’s pic, send it in!

3 transactions
2 Best foods mayo         used $1/1 IP x2 & Raleys in ad coupon
4 Raisin Bran                 used $4/4 IP
1 Nectar                         used Friday freebie e coupon
Total 9.08 71% savings
6 birdseye frz veggies     used $1/3 x2 newspaper
2 Ocean Spray juice       used b1g1f IP
4 Raisin Bran                 used $4/4 IP
1 kettlechip                    used $1/1 newspaper and ecoupon
1 Nectar                         used Friday freebie e coupon
Total 10.59  77% savings
2 Breakfast2go              used $1/1 x2 newspaper and ecoupon for additional $1 off each
2 Ocean Spray juice       used b1g1f IP
1 Nectar                         used Friday freebie e coupon
2 gallons milk
Total 11.45  57% savings
Total spent for all transactions $31.12   Total retail $105.95


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