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Some Quick Deals to Get to $75 at Safeway..Got any POM coupons left??

Safeway’s promotion-Spend $75 and get $10 towards your next shopping trip.Well, I went last night, and my total before coupons was more than $75, and I used my coupons and paid way less and still got the $10. I was buying some of the groceries for someone else, so I don’t have them to picture-but here are some of the highlights..


Silk Fruit and Protein $2
use $1 off Silk Fruit and Protein
=$1 each (They are $1.79 at Savemart, but they were out, and it isn’t worth $.21 to go back!)



Pom Bars-2 For $1
Use $1 off Pom product (expires 3/31)
=FREE-My coupons still took $1 off even though the bars were only $.50!!!

Quaker Yogurt Granola bars $1.69 w/ad coupon
used $.75 off Quaker Yogurt Bars from Peelie on Frito Lay Variety Chips
=$.94 each

Betty Crocker Decorating Tips $1.59
used $3 off 2 Betty Crocker Items
=$.09 each

Wonka Ice Cream $2.99 each and Open Nature Entree
I had a Catalina coupon for $2 off an Open Nature entree
and I had a $5 off Frozen Food Catalina from a few days ago
AND it came to over $15 for these so I earned my $5 back!

Chicken Nuggets Lunchables with Drink $3.69 Buy One Get One FREE
I am oneof the mean moms that NEVER buy Lunchables in case you are, I won’t say why-BUT
they were marked 50% off, and since they were Buy One Get One Free=4 FOR FREE!! (the clearance sticker took off $1.35 each!)

Reynolds Foil 75sq. ft $2.99 w/Ad Coupon
Print $1.50 off Reynolds Foil
=$1.49 each

I Can’t Believe its Not Butter $1.99 w/ad coupon
Print $1.25 off any ICBINB product

Lucerne Milk-2 gallons and a 1/2 Gallon of Soy Milk
I used a $1.50 off Lucerne Soymilk Catalina,
AND I used the $2 off $10 of Lucerne Products! (no beeps!) 
**The Milk does not count towards your $75 purchase..just letting you to know to check your catalinas for milk coupons and if you printed the $2 Lucerne coupon

There were also coupon by the Tostitos for FREE Salsa when you buy 2 Tostitos. Tostitos are $2.50 each, so $5 for 2 Chips and Salsa-I did this deal also, because it helped me reach the $75. Or you can take that coupon to Raley’s where the Tostitos are $1.99 w/E-Coupon and get the apples free!

The Buttertop Safeway Kitchens Bread was $1.50 so I grabbed some. I am trying to remember to get the things I need and not just my coupon items!

Peelie Alerts-There were Peelie Coupons on the Frito Lay Variety Packs for the Quaker Bars, there were $.75 off Welch’s natural Jelly Coupons on the Jelly, $.75 off Mt.Olive coupons on the Mt.Olive Jars….


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Bel Air Raley's

Ready For Some FREE Apples? How are you going to get yours?

Once again, Laurie has inspired me with her Raley’s trip!!! She did 2 Transactions and spent LESS THAN $20!!! She saved over 70%, and she broke down her trip for us!



Transaction #1

4 Mt Olive Pickles $2 each-Used $1 off from 1/22 SS
4 Pepperidge Farms Cookies-Used 4-$.75 3/11 SS and Ad Coupon
1 Kettle Chips-Used E-Coupon, and $1 off 3/18 RP
1 Bag Apples-Used FREE E-Coupon
Total Spent $10.95

Transcation #2
8 Totinos Pizza Rolls-Used $.35 off 2/26 SS
1 Kettle Chips-Used E-Coupon and $1 off 3/18 RP
2 Hillshire Farms Grilled Essentials-used $2.50 off from Extra magazine in store
1 Bag Apples -Used Free E-Coupon
Total Spent $8.49!

Total Spent $19.44!!!  Total without coupons=$75.18!

For more Raley’s Deals this week-GO HERE

You can send your Raley’s FREEBIE transaction(s) to Diana@pantryoverflow.com and share with us how you got YOUR free apples this weekend!!

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