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$4 off 4 Kelllogg’s Cereal Pritntable Coupon Available!


The $4 off 4 Kellogg’s Cereal Printable Coupon is available still! You just need to enter 77477 as the zip code. These cereals are Buy 4 save $4 at Safeway until tomorrow, so only $.99 each after coupons!

I know we have had a lot of cereal deals lateley, but whenever cereal is $1 or less, I always grab it. When I haven’t, I have ran out of cereal waiting for a deal!   Right now I am on my LAST bottle of laundry soap because I skipped too many deals because I had too much!! I guess the $2 Wisk Coupon came at the right time!

Here is a $1 off Mini Wheats Coupon! This will be $.99 each too when you buy 4!

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$.55 off Eggs Printable Coupon!!



There is a $.55 off 2 Dozen Eggs Coupon to print! It is on the Incredible Eggs Facebook Page. Hold on to this if you can, because you will see egg deals coming up for Easter!!


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Target Walgreens

$1.50 off Reynolds Wrap Foil Printable Coupon!


There is a $1.50 off Reynolds Wrap Foil Printable coupon available!! Makes for a great deal at Walmart and Wlagreens! I am going to Target later, and $1.50 off is a great deal anywhere you are going to buy foil! It is one of those things you buy anyways so it is great to stock up when you have a coupon!

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