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Groupon Sacramento BEE Deal


Ok,  I was out for the weekend with my husband when there was the Sacramento BEE Groupon and I couldn’t put this up. You can get the Sacramento BEE Sunday ONLY paper for 6 monts for $19.

You have until Sunday at MIDNIGHT !!!! I just had a few of my subscriptions run out, and they were not really flexible with me about a price this good.

$19 for 6 Months Sunday Sacramento BEE!  Just click on the top tab that says “All Deals” and you will see it listed there.

Let me know if you try it and it works. It is 8:38 pm, and it still worked for me!

**You can buy up to FIVE!! And buy 5 as gifts!!

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Stock Up on Printable Coupons!


I am going through and printing out any coupons I want to ad to my new ones tomorrow!


It is always a good idea to check periodically so you don’t miss any!

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Sunday Coupon Preview 3/25~1 Red Plum and 1 Smart Source



There will be TWO inserts in the newspaper tomorrow! 1 Red Plum and 1 Smart Source. You can READ MORE to see the list of coupons! Personally, I don’t get excitied until I actually SEE the coupons in the morning, but I get them delivered. If you are trying to decide on how many you want to buy, you may want to check the list. If I see anything really great in the morning I will let you know. I don’t get out of bed until my boys bring me my papers! (Probably because they don’t get breakfast until I get up, but it works and it so SO cute!)




Smartsource coupon insert

Berkley Farms Save $1/both 1 gallon milk and 1 heavy whipping cream or sour cream package (4/29)
Better Crocker Save $.50/2 box or pouch potatoes except potato buds (5/19)
Betty Crocker Save $.40/1 cookie mix pouch 17.5oz+ (5/19)
Betty Crocker Save $.75/1 SuperMoist cake mix AND Ready to Spread frosting (5/19)
Betty Crocker Save $1/1 decorating icing (5/31)
Betty Crocker Save $1/2 Box Muffin Mix including Fiber One (5/19)
Bisquick Save $.50/1 Original 20oz+, Heart Smart baking mix or Shake ‘n Pour 10.6oz (5/19)
Blue Save $2/1 natural dry cat food 5lbs+ (4/25)
Blue Save $3/1 natural dry dog food 12lbs+ (4/25)
Blue B10G2 free wet dog or cat food up to Save $5 (4/25)
Bounce Save $.50/1 bar or sheets (5/11/2)
Cheerios Save $.75/1 Dulce de Leche (5/5)
Claritin Save $2/1 10ct+ (4/22)
Claritin Save $2/1 Children’s 4oz or 10ct+ (4/22)
Claritin Save $5/1 24ct+ (4/22)
Colgate Save $.40/1 adult or kids manual toothbrush excluding Plus and Extra Clean (4/14)
Colgate Save $.50/1 kids toothbrush (4/14)
Colgate Save $.50/1 kids toothpaste (4/14)
Colgate Save $.75/1 toothpaste 4oz+ (4/14)
Cool Whip Save $.50/2 whipped topping dnd (4/25)
Depend Save $1/1 product (5/5)
Dole Save $.50/2 fruit cans (5/20)
Dole Save $.75/1 Fruit Crisp (6/30)
Downy Save $.50/1 fabric softener liquid or sheets (5/11) ETS
Downy Save $1/1 Unstopables Fresh or Lush (5/11)
Edge Save $.55/1 shave gel 7oz+ (5/6)
Energizer Save $1/1 batteries, flashlight or usb wall or car charger (4/30)
French’s Save $.30/1 Classic Yellow or Spicy Brown Mustard (5/31)
French’s Save $.75/1 French Fried Onions (6/15)
French’s Save $.75/1 Honey Mustard or Honey Mustard dipping sauce (5/31)
Glade Save $.55/1 premium room spray 9.7oz (5/5)
Glade Save $1/1 automatic spray refill (5/5)
Glade Save $1/1 Decor Scents holder or Save $1/2 refill packs (5/5)
Glade Save $1/1 PlugIns Scented Oil twin refill or Save $1/2 single refills (5/5)
Glade Save $1/1 PlugIns Scented Oil warmer (5/5)
Glade Save $1/1 Press & Spray starter kit (5/5)
Glade Save $1/2 4oz Jar or Scented Oil Candle products (5/5)
Glade Save $3/1 Sense & Spray starter kit (5/5)
Glade/Bic Free Bic candle lighter with purchase or 5 Glade candles (4/21)
Healthy Choice Save $1/2 frozen Traditional Classics or Modern Classics (5/5)
Hershey’s Save $1/2 Hershey’s, Reese’s or Cadbury centerpiece items 2oz+ (4/8)
Hershey’s Save $2/3 Kisses, Reese’s, Miniatures, Eggs Cadbury or Whoppers bags 8oz+ (4/8)
Hormel Save $2/1 Cure 81 boneless ham (5/28)
Huggies Save $1/1 Little Swimmers disposable swimpants (4/21) ETS
Jell-O Save $.50/2 gelatin or pudding (4/25)
Kotex Save $1.50/2 Natural Balance pads (5/5)
Kotex Save $1/1 U product (5/5)
Kotex Save $1/2 Natural Balance liners 33ct+ (5/5)
Kotex Save $1/2 Natural Balance tampons (5/5)
Kraft Save $.40/2 Jet-Puffed Mallow Bits or marshmallows dnd (4/25)
Kraft Save $.75/2 Mayo or Miracle Whip dressing products (4/22)
Laughing Cow Save $1/1 Smooth Sensations Cream Cheese Spread (6/30)
Little Remedies Save $1/1 product (5/31)
Max-Freeze Save $1/1 maximum muscle and joint pain relief (5/31)
Mentos Save $.55/1 15pc+ bottle (5/25)
Mentos Save $1/2 45pc+ bottles (5/25)
Mentos Save $1/2 UP2U packs dnd (5/25)
Nature Valley Save $.50/1 Protein Chewy Bars 5ct+ (5/19)
Nestle Save $.75/2 Toll House dark chocolate morsels (5/25)
Nestle Save $1/1 Toll House refrigerated cookie dough (5/25)
Neutrogena Save $1/1 lip or eye makeup (5/27)
Neutrogena Save $2/1 face makeup (5/27)
Norelco Save $10/1 Sensotouch (4/30)
Norelco Save $20/1 Sensotouch 3D (4/30)
Norelco Save $5/1 Powertouch & Powertouch with Aquatech & 6945 or Bodygroom BG2020, BG2030, BG2040 or QT4070, QT4022, QT4019 & QG3270 or replacement heads (4/30)
Oh Boy! Oberto Save $1/1 BBQ Pork jerky 3.25oz+ (5/31)
Oh Boy! Oberto Save $1/1 Natural Style jerky 3.25oz+ (5/31)
Pepperidge Farm Save $.75/1 Stone Baked Artisan Rolls (6/17)
Pledge Save $2/2 furniture care products (5/5)
Reynolds Save $.75/1 foil 35sqft+ excluding Wrappers (5/31)
Reynolds Save $1/1 parchment paper (5/31)
Schick Save $2/1 Hydro Silk razor or refill (5/2)
Scott Save $1/1 towels 4+ rolls (5/6)
Scrubbing Bubbles Save $.75/1 fantastik all purpose cleaner (5/5)
Scrubbing Bubbles Save $1/1 bathroom cleaner with color power technology (5/5)
Shout Save $.55/1 product (5/5)
Simple Save $2/1 skincare product (4/22) ETS
Skintimate Save $.55/1 shave gel excludes 2.75oz (5/6)
So Delicious Save $1/1 dairy free product (5/31)
Softsoap Save $.35/1 liquid hand soap 8oz+ (4/14)
Softsoap Save $.50/1 liquid hand soap refill 28oz+ (4/14)
Softsoap Save $1/1 bar soap 2pk+ (4/14)
Softsoap Save $1/1 body wash 12oz+ (4/14)
Speed Stick Save $1/1 antiperspirant/deodorant including Lady excluding 2oz, 1.4oz and .5oz sizes (4/14)
Starbucks Save $1.50/1 coffee 11oz+ (4/28)
Starbucks Save $1/1 VIA Ready Brews excluding 3pk (4/28)
Stove Top Save $.50/1 stuffing mix dnd (4/25)
Tabasco Save $.60/1 (5/12)
Tide Save $.75/1 detergent (5/11) ETS
Ultra Palmolive Save $.50/1 dish liquid 20oz+ (4/14)
Weber Save $1/1 seasoning or Save $1/2 marinade packets (5/31)
Wholly Guacamole Save $.50/1 product (4/22)
Windex Save $.55/1 multi-surface product (5/5)
Windex Save $1/2 glass cleaner products (5/5)
Xenadrine Save $5/1 Results, Results Drink Mix or Caffeine-Free Results (5/25)
Yoplait Save $.50/2 Greek yogurt cups (5/19)
Yoplait Save $.75/1 Light or Greek yogurt with granola (5/19)
Zim’s Save $1/1 Crack Creme skin care (5/31)
Ziploc Save $.55/1 Portions bags (5/5)
Ziploc Save $1/2 bags (5/5)

RedPlum Coupon Preview

Advil Save $2/1 Congestion Relief, Cold & Sinus or Allergy Sinus product (6/17)
Alavert Save $1/1 product excluding 6ct (5/30)
Always/Tampax Save $1/2 Radiant feminine care items ets TARGET coupon (5/28)
Angel Soft Save $.45/1 4 double roll or larger bath tissue (6/23)
Axe Save $1/1 Bodyspray 4oz, Antiperspirant 2.7oz or Deodorant 3oz ets (4/22)
Axe Save $1/1 Shampoo 12oz or 22oz or Styling Aid 2.64oz or 3.2oz ets (4/22)
Axe Save $1/1 Shower Gel or Detailer ets (4/22)
Beringer Save $1/1 bottle Valid in CA, NW, AZ, IL, FL, SC, KY, NM only (4/15)
Best Foods Save $.40/1 product 16.5oz+ (4/22)
Bridgford Save $.50/1 frozen rolls, bread dough or monkey bread (5/31)
C&H Save $.75/1 40ct box Light packets (5/20)
C&H Save $1/1 2lb Light (5/20)
Country Crock Save $.60/1 spread (4/22)
Degree Save $.50/1 Men Adrenaline Series Antiperspirant & Deodorant product (4/22) ETS
Dove Save $.75/1 Beauty Bar 6-bar pk+ excludes trial, travel, Men+Care (4/22)
Dove Save $.75/1 ClearTone, go sleeveless, go fresh or Clinical Protection Antiperspirant/Deodorant or Body Mist excludes trial, travel, multi-packs, Men+Care (4/22)
Dove Save $1/1 Body Wash 12oz+ excludes trial, travel, Men+Care (4/22)
Dove Save $1/1 Hair Care product ets (4/22)
Dove Save $1/1 Men+Care Antiperspirant 2.7oz or Deodorant 3oz (4/22) ETS
Dove Save $1/1 Men+Care Body and Face Bar 6pk+ ets (4/22)
Dove Save $1/1 Men+Care Body and Face Wash 13.5oz+ ets or Save $1/1 Active Clean Shower Tool (4/22)
FiberChoice Save $2/1 90ct (6/30)
Folgers Save $.25/1 coffee (4/30)
Hillshire Farm Save $.55/1 Rope Smoked Sausage (5/15)
I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! Save $.75/2 products (4/22)
L’Oreal Save $1/1 Excellence or Excellence to-Go shade (5/20)
L’Oreal Save $1/1 Paris eye product (5/20)
L’Oreal Save $1/1 Paris eyeliner or eye shadow (5/20)
L’Oreal Save $4/2 Excellence or Excellence to-Go shades (5/20)
Maybelline Save $3/1 FITME Foundation (5/25)
McCormick Save $.75/1 spice, herb, extract or food color (5/6)
Morton Save $1/2 System Saver II Pellets 40, 50 or 80lb or Save $1/2 Rust Remover Pellets 40 or 80lb or Save $1/3 System Saver II Pellets 25lb (7/22)
Nestle Save $1/2 Nesteggs 8oz+ (4/8)
Pond’s Save $1/1 cream, towelettes or cleansing product ets (4/22)
Pond’s Save $1/1 wet cleansing towelettes 30ct (4/22) ETS
Purina Save $1/1 Busy (6/25)
Purina Save $1/2 Beggin’ dog snacks (6/25)
Suave Save $.50/2 Men Body Wash products (4/22) ETS
Suave Save $.50/2 Professionals Men Hair products (4/22) ETS
Vaseline Save $.75/1 lotion 10oz including Men (4/22) ETS
Vaseline Save $1/1 lotion 20.3oz+ including Men (4/22) ETS
Wisk Save $2/1 laundry detergent 45oz+ (5/6)
Wonka Save $1/2 jelly beans 10oz+ (4/8)

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