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Bel Air Raley's

How Did You Get Your 3 FREE Items at Raley’s This Weekend??

Laurie was the first one to send me a pic this morning of her awesome trip, which inspired me! (my trip is below)

Trans #1
4 Olay cleansers   used $3/2 x2 2/12 RP
3 Olay body wash  used buy cleanser get BW free x3 3/4 PG
1 tortilla chip, corn salsa,fire salsa –E-Coupon
 Paid 15.06 after coupons and received $10 catalina
Trans #2
1 meal2go chicken enchiladas
2 avocados
2 activa  used $1/1 x2
chips,corn salsa,fire salsa  used Friday freebie coupon
Used my $10 catalina…paid 3.58
Total retail $84.45
Spent $18.64


I totally forgot about the Olay Coupons for the Buy a Cleanser and get a Body Wash free.(3/4 PG) It goes with the Buy $30 and get a $10 Catalina for your next purchase. In the ad, it says $10 towards your Raleys ToGo meal (which are $10) On the Catalina, it says $10 off your next shopping trip (can be used towards Raley’s ToGo meal). So, depending on your store, you may or may not have to use it for the ToGo meal.

I tried it for my transactions, and it beeped and a manager had to approve the $10 because I used it on my chicken purchase. He read the Catalina and it said-$10 off you next shopping trip-may be used for ToGo meal-so he was totally fine having the Cashier take $10 off. So-that may or may not happen the same for everyone, but if it does great, if it doesnt-Laurie got the Enchiladas which I though would go great with the chips and salsa!  I am making nachos with all the cheese I got from Safeway!


Here are my 3 Transactions-
4 Olay Body Wash $6.99
4 Olay Cleansers $4.79-$5.19 each
Chips and 2 Salsas
Used E-Coupon for Free Chips and Salsas
Used 4 Buy Olay Cleanser get Free Body Wash 3/4 PG
Used 2 $3 off 2 Olay Facial Cleansers 2/12 RP
$53.15 +tax subtotal~Paid $19.19
and received $10 Catalina for PG items

Chips and 2 Salsas
9 Huberts Lemonades
2 Manns Sweet Potato Fries
-Used E-Coupon for Free Chips and Salsa
Used E-Coupon for $.99 Mann’s Sweet Potatoes (use Fine Produce preference)
Used 2-$.55 off Mann’s Veggies
Used 4 Bogo Huberts Lemonade
Used 3-$.75 off Hubert Lemonade
Used 2-$1 off Hubert Lemonade Facebook Coupons

Chips and Salsas
Chicken Breasts-Buy One Get One Free $16.16
Used Free Chips and Salsa E-Coupon
Used $10 Catalina from Transaction #1(read notes above)

So, I spent $28.48-I am pretty happy because the chicken alone was $16!~I also got a free Redbox with the Code BREAKROOM if you haven’t used that one yet!

I would LOVE for you to send in your Raley’s post to show what you got!! I will add it to this post for others to see!  For more deals at Raley’s this week, go HERE


Here is Deanna’s Shopping trip! Read More for her 6 Transaction Details!!

I did 6 transactions.
4 olay facial cleansers
4 olay body washes (23 oz)
1 bag of Raleys tortilla chips and 1 each of the salsa
used 2-$3/2 facial cleanser coupons
used 4 – $2.00 off of body wash
used 4- bogo body wash when you buy facial cleanser
used free chips/salsa coupon
 $10.02 oop got a $10.00 coupon for my next trip
4 olay cleansers
4 olay body washes (23 oz )
1 raleys tortilla chips and 1 each of the salsa
used 2- $3/2 facial cleanser coupon
used 4- $2.00 off olay body wash
used 4- bogo body wash when you buy facial cleanser
used free chips/salsa coupon
$8.21 oop got back a $10.00 coupon for my next trip
6 4 packs of bakery muffins b2g1 free
1 california roll
1 bag chips and 1 each salsa
1 bag of bean sprouts( love em!)
used free chips/salsa coupon
paid $20.04 (the muffins were worth it)
4 uncrustables
2 raleys popsicles
1 zevia soda
1 oreo double stuff
1 16 pack of state fair corn dogs
1 chips and 1 each salsa
used 1 ecoupon for the corn dogs = $4.99
used 1 ecoupon for the crustables = $2.49 + 4 $1.00 off uncrustables blinkie
used 1 $3.00 of off zevia printable
used  1 ecoupon for popsicle = 2/$3.00
used in-ad coupon for oreos = $1.99
used free chips/salsa coupon
paid $15.23
20 powerades 32oz
2 raleys popsicles
1 3lb organic yellow onions
used ecoupon for the popsicles = 2/$3.00
used b10g5 free hangtag coupon and raleys had a b10g5 free sale
used $10.00 off from transaction 1
used free chips/salsa coupon
paid $6.89
8 huberts lemonades
2 manns veggie bags
1 zevia 6 pack soda
3 pillsbury crescent rolls
1 raleys 8oz shredded cheese
1 bag of chips and 1 each salsa
used 4- bogo huberts
used 4 -75 off huberts
used 1– $3.00 off of zevia
used 1 $1.00/3 pillsbury crescent rolls
used 1- ecouon b3g1 free raleys cheese
used  free chips/salsa coupon
paid $11.88
   Still have a $10.00 coupon from the olay
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Newman’s Own Frozen Pizza $2.18 at Target!


When I was at Target, there were LOTS of Newman’s Own Frozen Pizzas marked at $3.18!

Newman’s Own Pizza $3.18
Print $1 off Newman’s Own Pizza
=$2.18 each (these are the bigger size)

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Kraft Shredded Cheese $1 Each at Safeway!



Kraft Shredded Cheese $3.99 Buy One Get One Free
Buy 4, Use 2-$.50 off 2 Kraft Shredded Cheese
pay $6.98 and get $3 off your next purchase
=$1 a bag!



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Free Sample of Lipton Tea on Facebook!



Free sample of Lipton Tea&Honey  Drink Mix when you like them on facebook!!!




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Free Items With Safeway Just For U!



Did you get these FREE items at Safeway? When I checked my Safeway Just For U I had these items FREE all on my same card!! I also have a FREE Breakfast sandwich too which I will get later!


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New Printable Coupons!


Here are the newest printable coupons for you with direct links!

$0.50 off any one (1) Hidden Valley® Farmhouse Originals Dressing and Seasoning Mix
$1.00 off On any Hidden Valley® Farmhouse Original Dressing
$0.25 off any Clorox® Liquid Bleach
$1.00 off two Clorox® cleaners or wipes
$0.75 off any Glad® Trash bag products
$1.00 off two GLAD® Food Storage products
$2.00 off meat with purchase of Kingsford®
$0.50 off any KC Masterpiece® Barbecue Sauce
$0.50 off any Formula 409® cleaner
$1.00 off two LACTAID® Milk Products
$0.65 off ONE LACTAID® Lowfat Cottage Cheese
Buy one pk 18 pc Eclipse® or Orbit White® get 1 Free
$1.00 off any one (1) Polident® Product
$1.00 off any L’Oreal® Paris Item

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