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Target Shopping Trip~Saved $76!!










Went into Target-Spent $33 on all this!! They would NOT pricematch my Miniwheats with the Raley’s ad!!! That was lame-they said since it said Buy 4 for $1.99 they wouldn’t do it, but they matched the $1.99 Krave from the Savemart ad coupon??  Someone else had the opposite happen to them.. Anyways, here is a quick rundown of the Qs I used (hope you have some of them!)

 6 Cheez-Its,  3 Crispix Cereals, 2 Keebler Jumbo Cookie Stix– (not on sale) Used $1 off 2 Cheez-its Target Coupon(if you still have yours), $1 off 2 Cheez-Its coupon-no longer available, AND I used the FREE Keebler Cookie Sticks when you buy 3 Cheez-Its (Target coupon) and I used $.55 off 2 Keebler cookies, and I used 3-Buy 2 Cheez-Its and get free Crispix peelie coupon from Savemart I found awhile back! (That is my extreme deal of the day!) $30.49 before coupons~$10.74 after!

Danimals-Used $1 off 2 Target coupon, and $.75 off printable
Target Orange Juice $2.39, and Jimmy Dean Delights Bowl $2.04-Used $1.25 off from Target Mobile Coupon, $1 off 2 Target printable, and Buy OJ and get $1.25 off Jimmy Dean Delights printable=$3.50 for all 3!

2-Secret 3-pack $3.50 on clearance-Used $1 off from 2/12 RP=$2.50 for 3!

Activia-I pricemeatched Raleys Activia price and used the $2 off 2 and $1 off from 2/12 SS=FREE
Welch’s Fruit Fizz $2.99
-Used $2 off printable and $1 off Target coupons=FREE
Delifresh Lunchmeat $2.79 -Used Target Buy 3 get 1 free=$2.09 each
Krave Cereal-
pricematched Savemart’s $1.99 ad price, used $5 off 5 printable and 2-$1 off 2 Target printables (if you still have them)=$.49 each
Welch’s Naturals Grape $1.52
(They are $1.69 now, but I had a raincheck) Used $1 off Welch’s Naturals Target coupon, and $.75 off=FREE
The Tazo Teas are on Price cut for $2.69,
and $2.99 for the boxed concentrate-the Target Tazo coupons expired yesterday, but the $1 off from 2/5 SS are still good!


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$1 off International Delight Iced Coffee!

Oh, how I wish this was in my refrigerator right now…..

$1 off International Delight Iced Coffee (direct link)

This is the easiest way to make iced coffee! Already flavored, already chilled, no mess, and there is like 4-5 servings which makes it less than $.75 for a serving. If you have this at home, it is way less tempting to spend $4 later….

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