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How to Save Money, and Stock Up on Bread Items!

Adrianna sent me this picture and shared her shopping trip from the Sara Lee Bread Outlet~

Here’s what she got for $12.25: ( Imagine FULL price!!)
6 loaves Miltons @ $1.19 each (these retail at $4+ at the store.
4 loaves Sara Lee Iron kids BOGO @ $.99 each
1 4pk hamburger buns @ $.75
1 cinnamon raisin bagels @ $1.19
1 blueberry bagels @ $1.19

I have often bought bread at the Hostess Outlet because that is closest to a few places I go. If I am making French Toast, they have the Texas Toast for $1.29 whereas the Grocery Store has is for like $4! When I go, I grab extras and throw it in the freezer too, I hate running out of bread!!!
 I have

Wonder / Hostess

  • 1324 Arden Way
  • Sacramento, CA 95815
  • 4633 Auburn Boulevard
  • Sacramento, CA 95841..This address was on their website..does anyone know if it is still there?
  • 6801 Stockton Boulevard Sacramento, CA 95823 

    Entenmann’s Orowheat Outlet
    2475 Fruitridge Rd
    Sacramento, CA 95822

  • I know there are more, but I can’t seem to find the addresses right now! Does anyone else have any Bakery Outlet stores you visit?
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    Facebook Printable Coupons!


    There are some really good coupons available on Facebook right now! I decided to list them all together for you!

    $1 off Brawny Big Roll paper towels ( I would take this to Walmart)
    $1 off International Delight Coffee Creamer -I have heard they are $1.52 at Target this week! Raley’s had the holiday flavors for $.99, so you could get them FREE!
    $.75 off Lipton Green Tea They are on sale for $1.79 at Raley’s, so you can go there or Pricematch
    $1 off Green & Blacks Chocolate Bar
    $1 off Celestial Seasoning Wellness Tea


    AND~ if you haven’t already, you can ‘Like’ PantryOverflow while you are there!!!


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