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Cereals at Stock Up Prices!

Here are the cereals that are at Stock Up Prices this week!


You can go to each store and get their deals, or you can go to Walmart and pricematch. You can go to Target to pricematch also, you just have to do it at customer service.



Foods Co
Honey Bunches of Oats $2
Print $1 off Honey Bunches of Oats

Vanilla Cinnamon Toast Crunch $1.99 (with ad coupon)
Dulce De Leche Cheerios $1.99 with ad coupon
Peanut Butter Cheerios $1.99 with ad coupon

Use $.75 off Dulce Cheerios, $.75 off PB Cheerios, and $.75 off Vanilla CTC
**use zipcode 77477

=$1.24 per box~

Honey Nut Cheerios $1.79 with ad coupon
Use $1 off 2 Cheerios

Fiber One Cereal $1.99 with ad coupon
Use $.75 off from 1/1 or Print $.75 off Fiber One Cereal

Fiber One Cereals $1.99
Use $.75 off from 1/1 or Print $.75 off Fiber One Cereal

Kashi Cereal $2.75
Use $1 off Kashi Go Lean
$1 off Kashi Cinnamon Crumbles
=$1.75 each

Like I said, if you want more than one of these deals, it is more convenient to price match them at Target or Walmart and get them all at once. At Walmart you do not need to have the ad with you, but I still suggest bringing it. For Walmarts coupon and ad matching policy, go HERE.

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Buying Coupons Online~ Pantry Overflow Top Picks!


Do you buy Coupons online? Do you think that is a little bit extreme? I used to think that. I remember telling my husband I was buying coupons on Ebay, and him not really hooking up with it..LOL But, I can say it has really saved me a lot of money and time-and here is how.  READ MORE….

I got multiple copies of the newspaper this week. However, there were some really good coupons in there that I wish I had more of. Instead of spending $10 to get 10 more of those coupons, I can usually get them for $2 already cut out and sent to my house. The trick is ordering them and getting them before the sale ends you want to use them for.

Example-$1 off 1 Pom item. The POM bars are $1 at Safeway until February. The $1 coupon makes them free. I bought 40 extra POM coupons for $3.50, so I will get 40 bars for $3.50. So they won’t technically be ‘free’ but since they are one of my new favorite things, it is definitely worth it. I do not want to buy 40 more newspapers!

So, here is my list of coupons worth ordering for 1/8/12~I am not ordering all of these, but if these are items you want to stock up on, I recommend the following;
$1 off Pom -The juices go on sale for $1.99 sometimes, and it makes the bars free at Safeway.
Buy Onet Get one Free AXE shower gel
$.75 off Suave Deodorant
-these are usually $1 so if you prefer this brand, or want them for donations, this is a great coupon.
$1 Kettle Chips-these are my favorite chips, so sometimes I get extra coupons for them.
$1 off  2 Arrowhead Sparkling Water-They go on sale for for $.69, so $1 off 2 would make them $.19 and my husband loves these.
$1 off Kens Dressing- The Caeser is my favorite, and with the coupon, it is cheaper than Kraft
$3 off Glucerna Hunger Smart-if you know a diabetic, you can get the bars for $.99 with this coupon
Buy One Get One Free Bic Razor-good if you don’t have a stockpile of these yet
$2 off 3 Nabisco items-there are alwasy sales on these items!
$1 off Foster Farms Chicken Breasts-Great if you find them marked down at Target
Target Coupon Inserts from 1/9 if you didn’t get them (or want more)

If there are any other coupons that you know you would use or want to stock up on the items, then you can get those too. Last week other areas got Buy One Get one Free Slim Fast coupons and Sacramento did not. I know people who bought them online and took advantage of all the deals-since the coupon wasn’t distributed here, all the stores had them in stock!!

You can just go on Ebay and search for ” ______ Coupon ” and you will see your options.  Technically people cannot SELL the coupons, so the listings say “You are not paying for the coupons, you are paying for my time of cutting the coupons and shipping them to you”.
There are also Coupon Clipping Services like The Coupon Clippers.com, and you can google Coupon Clipping Service to find some.

I have an Ebay account, and a paypal account linked to my checking account. So I just buy the coupons, pay with paypal, and I make sure I just buy the listings that say ‘Buy it Now’ because I don’t want to waste time bidding on items and getting outbid at the last minute. It takes me about 2 minutes at the most to order the coupons. Then they come in the mail all cut out and I don’t have to do any work with them. Let me know if you have any questions!

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