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Try Pom Poms Wonderful Fresh Arils for $1!


I just bought a couple of these to try at Safeway today-and I LOVE them!! Inside the lid is this plastic spoon that you can snack on these with (which I am doing while I write this!!) Sweet, crunchy, and good for you!!

Pom Fresh Arils 4.3 oz $3.99/Buy One Get One Free @ Safeway
Use 2-$1 off any Pom Product
=$1 each!

Pomegranates are usually over $2 anyways, and this takes the work and mess out of it!! They also have the Pom Juice for $1.99, and with coupons it would be $.99-but you have to buy 8 participating items, and they did not have 8 Pom juices in stock.

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My Safeway Trip Today!

Went to Safeway really quick for these deals!





Hershey’s Bliss-FREE in my Just For U account!
1-Pepperidge Farms frozen roll-FREE in my Just For U
2-POM Perils $3.99 Buy One Get One Free-Used 2-$1 off any POM item=$1 each
20-Jet-Puffed Marshmallows-Buy One Get One Free-My Just For U price is $1.15, plus I had $.50 off 2 coupons from a tearpad at Raley’s=$.32 each
15-Fun Da Middles $.99 each-Used $.75 off GM coupon=$.24 each (Thanks Couponer 411!)
18-John Freida Root Awakening-Clearanced at $2.74 (Normal Hair Only) Used $5 off 2 from Raley’s MDA coupon Book=$.24 each
Wheat Thins-Buy One Get One Free-$1.88 Just For U price, and Used $1 off 2 coupons (I used the Buy 2 Get 1 Free already) =$.44 each

Before Just For U pricing and Coupons $127.12
After Just For U prices and coupons… $22.24!

I was really happy and grateful because I gave away most of my shampoos and conditioners from my stockpile, but I just got to fill it up again with even better items!!


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