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Moments to Save Coupon Insert in 10/2 Newspaper!!



Remember this from last year??

This coupon insert will be in the 10/2 Paper!!



Here are the coupons included..
Save $1 off 3 Quaker Cereals and/or Oatmeal
Save $1 offf 2 Trop50 Juices
Save $2 off Frito Lay 20ct Chip packs
Free Diet Pepsi 2-Liter when you buy any Tostitos and Tostitos Dip
Save $1 off 2 Bags of Cheetos or Fritos
Save $1 off 2 Lays Kettle Chips
Save $2 off 2 Pepsi Brand 18, 20, or 24pack
Save $1 off 2 Sun Chips
Free Pepsi Maxx 2-Liter when you buy 2 Cheetos
Save $2 on 2 Lipton 12 packs
Save $1 when you buy 1 Tostitos and 1 Tostitos Dip

So, I am excited about the deals that will be coming up with these! The Grocery sales start tomorrow, but these coupons come out Sunday-so don’t buy them until you get the coupons!! This will be a good Sunday to get EXTRA papers because the Procter and Gamble will be in there too!!! SOOO EXCITED!!!

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Save Mart

Save Mart and Lucky Grocery Deals and Coupon Matchups for 9/28-10/4

Here are the best deals at Save Mart this week!!  Great Deals on Steamfresh Veggies, and Free Arrowhead Sparkling Water!!

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Bananas $.39lb
Iceberg Lettuce $.39 each
Cabbage $.39 lb
Navel Oranges $.97lb

Beef Rib Roast $1.99lb
Boneless Chicken Breassts $1.99lb
Lamb Breast $1.99lb


Coupon Deals

Quaker and Life Cereals $1.77 when you buy 5 or more
Buy 6, Use 3-$1 off 3 Quaker Cereals from 10/2 Moments to Save
=$1.44 each

Cheetos, Fritos, Rold Gold $1.50
Buy 2-Use $1 off 2 Cheetos 10/2 Moments to Save
Use Free Pepsi Max 2ltr when you buy 2 Cheetos
=$2 for all 3 items

Frito Lay Sacts 20-22 ct $4.99
Use $2 off from 10/2 Moments to Save

Arrowhead Sparkling Water 1Liter $.89~Buy 2 Get 1 Free
Print 2-$1 off Arrowhead Sparkling Water Liter

Tombstone Frozen Pizza $3.50
use $1.50 off 3 Tombstone Printable
=$3 each

Alexia Frozen Potatoes $3
Use $1 off Alexia Printable

Birdseye Steamfresh Frozen Vegetables $1.50
Print $1 off 2 Steamfresh
Use $.50 from 9/25 SS
=$1 each

Progresso Soup-price unknown~Buy One Get One Free
Buy 4, use $1 off 4 from 9/11 GM Insert



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Foods Co

Foods Co Deals and Coupon Matchups for 9/28-10/4


Here are the best deals at Foods Co this week! 

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Coupon Deals

Gain Laundry Detergent Powder or Liquid $4.98
Use $2 off Gain-powder 9/11 SS
Use $1 off Gain Liquid 8/14 SS
=$2.98 each

Pillsbury Grands Refrigerated Biscuits $1.25
Print $1 off 2 Pillsbury Grands
or print $.30 off 2 Pillsbury Grands
=$.75 each

Eggo Waffles $1.98
Print $1 off 3 Eggo Waffles
=$1.65 each

Bartlett Pears $.25lb
Avocados $.98 each
Red Grapes $1.48lb
Red Bell Peppers $.98lb
Kiwi $.33 each
Cantaloupe $.49lb
Roma Tomatoes $.98lb

Jennie-O Bacon $1.99 each
Chicken Breasts $1.77lb
Hillshire Rope or Link Sausage @.50
Whole Foster Farms Chickens $1.28lb
Pork Shoulder $1.78lb
Beef Cube Steaks $3.28lb

Other Deals
Kelloggs Cereals $2
Tampico Gallon $1
Celeste Pizza $.85
Powerade $.68
Coffee-Mate 32oz $2.50
Gerber 2nd Foods 2pack $1


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Couponing For Christmas!!


Time to start thinking about Christmas!!!!

Well, you don’t have to-but with all the great deals, if you start now, you will be able to give even more! 


Here are some tips that will help you Christmas shop using your coupons, and some ideas. 


#1. Make a list now of who you would like to give a gift to this year. (Don’t think about who you can afford to give to) 
Remember teachers, volunteers, church leaders, friends, neighbors, your kids’ friends, family members, etc. 
#2 Start Paying Attention to What People Like NOW. Then as you are shopping, you can grab some things here and there instead of paying full price later. Kinds of candy, home colors, favorite foods, etc
#3. Start Buying NOW. When you get a good deal on something, buy extra. You can use it later to put together a gift basket! 
#4 Reserve a Special Spot for Christmas Gifts. Keep what you plan to give away separate Then you will be encouraged to see your stock growing and it won’t end up getting used for something else!
#5 Start Checking the Clearance Aisles-lots of times you can find nail polish, socks, hair clips, etc for really cheap. I grab these and put them with my Christmas stuff. They are good for basket fillers and stocking stuffers. I got some Cars little Kleenex packs in the back to school clearance for my boys’ stockings. 

Items you can use for gifts
Toiletries-you can make up gift baskets for anyone with the lotions, body washes, nail polish, razors, etc. Just find a cute basket and add a loofa sponge and some pretty ribbon!
Candles– last year I got a great deal on the glade jar candles. I wrapped them individually in some Christmas paper and put ribbon on them for teacher and friend gifts, and it may not have been a big gift, but I think it is just nice to be able to give something, and most of the time people are so touched that you thought of them.
Christmas Ziploc Containers and Bags. -Baking supplies will start being on sale, so stock up and do some extra holiday baking. If you use your coupons to buy the Christmas containers and ziploc bags, you bake and gift your desserts in an inexpensive but holiday themed wrapping! Last year my kids were able to give all of their friends a Christmas bag of either candy or baked goods and they had LOTS of fun putting them together. 
Coffee-Even if you do not drink coffee, you know someone who does. There are usually great deals on Starbucks coffee, or the Starbucks Vias. I already grabbed some for Christmas gifts, and I will just buy a cute coffee mug and maybe add some candy to it-and there is a cute gift! 
Stockings-Last year I bought some extra stockings at the Dollar Store, and filled them with different items and gave stockings away. Basically, I spent around $1 on each one, but made lots of them! Then you don’t have to have a basket or wrapping!

I did this last year, and Christmas was FUN. I wasn’t rushing around everywhere, or disappointed that I couldn’t buy anyone gifts, or have the feeling that I didn’t do enough. I gave more than I ever had last year, and to more people!

 Plus I think it was a Christmas I spent the LEAST money!!  We added it up and we gave over 100 people Christmas gifts PLUS donated  much of my stockpile to the Adopt-A-Famiy program which helped lots of families!

So, hopefully this inspires you to start thinking about giving and preparing for your holidays! 
If anyone else has any ideas please start sending them in!!!!!



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