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This Weeks Best Grocery Deals and the Coupons That Will Save You the Most-Week of 7/19-7/25





For the week of 7/20-7/26, here are the best grocery deals for you. You will also see a link if there are coupons to print to save even more, and the date of a coupon you can cut out if they were in the Sunday coupons from the paper!

Foods Co Grocery Deals 7/20-7/26

Save Mart and Lucky Deals 7/20-7/26

Safeway Deals 7/20-7/26

Raleys, Bel Air, and Nob Hill Deals 7/20-7/26

Keep checking back for updates and other local shopper’s deals and pictures!

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Use Your Stockpile of Lipton Tea and Make Sun Tea!!!



I heard recently about the benefits of drinking green tea and how it could be an anti-depressant when you drink more thorugh the day..Then I remembered that awhile back I bought a bunch of this Lipton Green Tea when it was cheap at Target! So, since I had some extra Crystal Geyser large bottles from when they were $.58 at Raleys-I made Sun Tea!!
I just put 4 bags of the green tea in the water, set it outside for the day, then took the tea bags out, put the bottle in the fridge-Ice Cold Sun Tea for the next day!!
Since these have the natural orange and peach flavors, I didn’t even need to add any sugar! 1 Box of tea bags makes 5 gallons of tea!! You can also refill the water bottle or use a container you may have already-but I wanted to share this with you since a lot of you stocked up on the tea also!  In the 6/26 RP, there are $.40 off Lipton Tea coupons, these boxes were $1.99 at Target, so you can still get a good deal now!

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Bel Air Raley's

Great Deals on Cookies and Milk at Raley’s!!


If you got the Kellogg’s Keebler back to school coupon book SEE HERE-or they had them at Raley’s, you can score this deal-

Buy 4 Keebler Chips Deluxe $1.99 when you buy 4 or more, and 2 Gallons of Milk ($5.79 for 2)
(All the packages of cookies had $1 off stickers on them!)
Then, use 2- $2 off Milk when you buy 2 Keebler Cookies from the coupon book!
Then,  you will get 2 Gallons of Milk and 4 packs of cookies-
=$5.75! (so the cokies end up free when you buy the milk!!)

You can get the free mushrooms and free blueberries to go with this, and be real close to $20! For more Raley’s deals this week, GO HERE


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