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Print Your Coupons -End of Month!







It is the end of the month, so make sure you print any coupons you may want before they are gone! Print Coupons Now!


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Girls Jeans 75% off at Target!! $2.48 each!



So thanks to Eleanor, I found out that girls jeans were 75% off at Target! I got 5 pairs for $2.48 each!!

I have heard they are 75% at multiple Target’s! They had lots of sizes when I was there!

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Bel Air Raley's

What’s FREE at Raley’s, Bel Air, and Nob Hill This Weekend??


Every Wednesday, Raleys.com releases a new set of E-Coupons! These are Raley’s store coupons that can be used with manufacturer coupons for even more savings. ALSO-there are Friday Freebie coupons!!! If you spend $20 in a shoppig trip you can get  a FREE free item!(some weeks more than one!)

Now the $20 is the PRE-coupon price! Which means you can include the price of your free item(s) in your sub-total which means you should pay way less than $20 for $20 worth of groceries!! See example here And, you can do multiple transactions!! So if you are planning on spending more than $20, you can split your transactions up!

You can update your account and change your preferences to get some different coupons, which I will update soon. So far I only found 1 free item.

Free R Everyday Napkins 250 CT. when you spend $20! July 1-3

For the Best Deals at Raley’s this week-GO HERE!

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