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Free Phenom Coconut Water at GNC!!!

You can go HERE and print a PDF coupon and take it to GNC and get a FREE Phenom Coconut Water!! There is one next to WalMart in Natomas, Loehmans Plaza, and Arden Fair Mall. You can look on their website to see more locations.
The coupon is good until August 31!

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CVS Pharmacy

How to Get $10 FREE Gas From CVS NEXT WEEK!




CVS has been having the promotion ‘Spend $30 and get $10 free gas-when you buy participating products. I was looking at the ad for next week, and found some cool ways to do this. Since we are buying gas anywasy, I can use some of my gas budget to buy groceries!!

Here are a couple of ideas I had -I have $12 of Extra Bucks left from this week, so I am going to do one of these deals…


Buy 12 bags of Kettle Chips
Use 12-$1 off Kettle Chips 6/19 RP
Pay $15 and get $10 gas! (plus your 12 bags of chips for basically $5!)

You may gave to trade coupons with someone if you don’t have 12, or you can mix and match with cereal for this deal-

Buy 4 Bags of Kettle Chips
4 Boxes Special K Cereal
4 Boxes Frosted Flakes Cereal
2 Boxes of Raisin Bran
Subtotal $30.20

Use 4-$1 off Kettle Chips 6/19 RP
Use2- $1 off 2 Special K Cereals pritnable coupon
Use2- $1 off 2 Frosted Flakes printable coupons
Use 2-$.70 ff Raisin Bran Cereal Printable Coupon
OR Use 1- $1 off 2 Kelloggs Cereals 6/5 Red Plum
Pay $20.80 and get $10 Gas Card!
=$10.80 for $30 of groceries because you can use the $10 from your gas budget!!

10 boxes of cereal, and 4 bags of chips, +$10 of gas!!! AND,  if you have any extra bucks from the previous week, you can pay less! This is a great week to get some Extra Bucks saved up to do this deal next week for way less! Go HERE to see how you can make some Extra Bucks to get FREE gas next week!!

**This information is for the sale starting Sunday June 26. I am telling you early so you can swap coupons from someone to get the deal!


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Safeway Target

New Breyer’s Ice Cream Printable Coupon=$1.74 each at Safeway!!

Hopefully you are taking advantage of the Breyer’s Ice Cream coupons and sales to stock your freezer!!  The trick is stocking up and not eating it all!!!  (Let me know if you figure that one out…)

Right now Breyer’s Facebook page is giving out $.75 off coupons!!

Safeway- Breyers $2.49 with in ad coupon
Use $.75 off Breyers Printable Coupon


Target- Breyers Ice Cream $4.19
Use 2-$.75 Breyers Ice Cream Printable
Use $1.50 off 2 Target Coupon
=$2.69 each

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The Car Cart…..

When my kids see this as we walk in to Raley’s they are soooo happy!  Am I? Not always. It is nice that Raley’s is the only store by us that has this novelty though. The problem, I have THREE small boys!!

So as soon as they see this cart-THE RACE IS ON!!! The fastest 2 get the steering wheels and then the slower one says they will be the captain and sits on top of the hood of the car and says they are in charge (right!) So, the first thing I do is go to the bakery to get them their free cookie and that gives me about 5 minutes of hassle free shopping. So 2 aisles later (since pusihing this cart with three kids sitting on it is a bit harder) They decide to trade places, get out, get back in, stand up, sit down, fall off…. 
It seems I always end up shopping at the same time as concerned senior citizens that either look at me and shake their head, or want to tell my kids that they should sit down so they don’t fall and hurt themselves.  
Before the end of the trip one of them usually does fall and hurt themselves, then I tell them this why I don’t like the car cart and we just wont get the car cart next time…But for some reason when I pull up to Raley’s and hear “CAR CART!!!!! and see their smiling faces….I forget about the last trip and it starts all over again!!!!


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