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Become a fan of PantryOverflow on Facebook!!! 

I will let you know on Facebook when there are coupons available that you may want to print right away before they are gone!! Plus anything extra that I may not always post on the site!!


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Benefits to Buying Coupons

Benefits to buying extra coupons.


This week I bought some extra coupons on Ebay. I just wanted to share the benefits of doing this in case you have never done this before.
I get 6 newspapers delivered to my door on Sundays. If I like the coupons I buy extra. If the coupons were not that exciting except for a couple certain coupons, I buy the coupons only for the items I wanted.

This week
I bought 20 $1 off Ronzoni Pasta Coupons for $4 on Ebay.
These pastas will go on sale for $1 so I paid $4 for 20 boxes of pasta. So I will pay $.20 a box which is still a good deal, and this is the brand that I prefer.

I also saw that KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce is $1.20 at Target, and there were $1 off in the 5/15 Smart Source. I live in Sacramento, and I did NOT get this coupon. So, I ordered 20 of those for $5. WIth the sale, and the coupons, I will pay $.40 a bottle after buying the coupons and sauce. To me, $.40  is a great stock up price for this brand especially.

Buying Coupons are a great idea if
1. It is an item you want to stockpile
2. You don’t want to buy more papers for just 1 coupon
3. Another area received a coupon you would like.
4. They come already cut out!
5. You are new to couponing and do not have a lot of coupons yet. You can order full inserts of previous weeks.

I have had a bad experience buying coupons on Ebay once. The coupons were photocopied even though they looked like the manufacturer coupon from the paper.  I would suggest that when ordering off of Ebay, check and make sure the seller does not have any negative comments, and beware when they have 1,000 of the same coupon available!

If you are coming to my May 26 Coupon Class, I will have the inserts from 5/15 available to sell for $1.  I think I will have 20 or so available.

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Save Mart

Wisk Laundry Detergent $1.99 at Save Mart!


If you got the Red Plum coupons yesterday, you can get Wisk for $1.99 at Save Mart (or Lucky in So.Cal)-until 5/17!!

Wisk $3.99
Use $2 off from 5/15 Red Plum
=$1.99 each!

This coupon does not expire until 6/26, so if they are out, I would get a raincheck. There may be some Extra Bucks,+Up Rewards, or Register Rewards deals coming up on Wisk, but this way I don’t have to chance them running out. I will be using my coupons here. $1.99 for a good laundry soap is awesome-but I prefer Wisk anyways. This is definitely a stock up price

For more deals at Save Mart, go HERE


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CVS Pharmacy

Great Deal on Arrowhead Bottled Water at CVS!



Here is a really good deal on bottled water. This is a good stock up price. If you start stocking up now, when it gets really hot this summer, you won’t have to run out and pay double when you need it!!
There are not any Extra Bucks with this deal, but I have Extra Bucks from last week, and there isn’t really anything else I want at CVS this week-so when food is a great deal, I use my Extra Bucks since it will cut my out of pocket expenses. If you sacn your card at the coupon machine you will get $3 off $15 of groceries-you can use that if you have other items you want to get.

Arrowhead bottled water $2.66
Use $1 off 2 Arrowhead printable
=$2.16 for 24, =.09 a bottle.

For more CVS deals, go HERE


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