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Where do I Find Coupons??



Want to start couponing, but don’t know where to get the coupons from?? There are many different resources for finding coupons.

#1 Sunday Newspaper.  Each Sunday (excluding holidays) there are inserts filled with coupons. They are the Smart Source, Red Plum, General Mills, and monthly Procter and Gamble. Buying multiple copies of the paper, will get you multiple coupons to be able to buy more of what is a really good deal.     View the full post for more
#2 Printable Coupon Websites
There are websties that are specifically for printing out coupons from home. You can usually print 2 of each coupon-per computer. Here are some of the most poplular coupon printable sites;


These are good ones to start with.

#3 Manufacturer Websites
If there is a specific brand or item that you use, or are planning on buying, then visit their website and they will usually have a tab that says ‘offers’ , ‘promotions’, or ‘coupons’.  Sometimes you have to enter your email address or sign up, but this can be helpful because they will email you when they have more coupons for you to print!

#4 Coupon Books
While shopping in your local grocery store, look for coupon books. Sometimes manufacturers put out coupon books by their products. Also, some stores, like Safeway, put out their own coupon books of manufacturer coupons every month, bi-monthly, or for holidays. So keep your eye out because they go pretty fast.

#5 Peelie Coupons, Blinkie Coupons, and Tearpad Coupons
These are all coupons found in the grocery store during your shopping trip
Peelies are coupons attached to the actual item you are buying. These coupons need to be ‘peeled off before you pay to get the savings. So if you are buying something, see if any of the items have a coupon attached and buy those.
Blinkies are the coupons that come out of a small mounted machine with the blinking lights. usually the ones kids can reach and pull out a whole bunch of..
Tearpad Coupons are usually attached to the shelf or display next to the product that the coupons are for. It is good coupon manners to NOT take the whole thing!! (Even though it could be tempting!)

#6 Online Clipping Services
If you don’t have the time, or want to make it a bit easier, you can order coupons already clipped! There are coupon services that offer the same coupon in the paper, plus other regional coupons that you can buy for a small fraction of the coupon amount. This is convenient if you are buying large amounts of an item, or if you work a lot and still want to coupon.

Once you start looking for coupons, you will find them everywhere! The key is knowing what to do with them after you find them! If you are just getting started, you can read more about that HERE!




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Send in Photos of Your Shopping Trips!!!

Did anyone get any great deals this week???? I would LOVE for you to send me your pictures. I usually take them on my phone really quick. If you do, and you know my number, text it to me, or email it to Diana@pantryoverflow.com!! Then others can be inspired by your coupon skills!!!!

I look forward to seeing what you can do!

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CVS Pharmacy

What are the Great Deals at CVS???





Here is a shopping list for you for CVS!  Let me just tell you that i went to CVS on my way to church this morning and I had to share my quiet little CVS with other couponers who were VERY serious about their shopping!! Since my kids weren’t quick enough getting ready, I  missed out on the Air Wick deal, but that’s what rainchecks are for right? So if you are not a Sunday shopper, there are still PLENTY of deals for you. The good thing about CVS is that there are limits so they don’t run out as quick as Rite Aid.  View the full post for the best deals, what coupons to pull, and transaction ideas….

First of all when I shop at CVS, I always get the items that are free after the Extra Bucks.
This week there are 2, Russell Stovers Egg, and Super Bubbles. (Easter Baskets!)
Also, scan your Extra Care card at the coupon scanner to get some great coupons. You should get a $4 off $20!!

Here are the coupons you need for the BEST deals at CVS

$4 off  Air Wick Freshmatic airwick.us and coupons.com
$1 off Pretzel M&M’s
Free Biore Cleanser when you buy Pore Strips SS 3/6
$1 off 2 Fuze Drinks 4/10 RP

Transaction #1
1 Bubbles
1 Candy Egg
4 Fuze Drinks

Use 2 $1 off 2 Fuze Coupons
Pay $4.73 and get $3.74 in Extra Bucks Back

Transaction #2
Buy Biore Cleanser $7.50
Buy Biore Pore Strips $7.50
Use coupon
Use $3.74 from Transaction #1
Pay $3.76 and get $5 back!

Transaction #3
Buy 4 Air Wick Air Fresheners
Use 4-$4 off Air WIck
Use $4 off $20 Purchase from Machine
Use $5 from Transaction #2
Pay $3 and get $10 back!

Transaction #4
1 Gallon of Milk $2.99
2 Dozen Eggs $3
4 bags of M&Ms
Use $10 Extra Bucks from Transaction #3
Use 4-$1 off Pretzel M&M Coupons
=FREE  (you can skip this if you want to save your $10 for next week, I just don’t want to spend the cash on these items. The eggs are $1.98 at Raleys and $1.79 at Target.)

So for $11.49 (less if you had Extra Bucks to start with!) you can get
Bubbles, candy egg, 4 Fuze Drinks, 4 bags of M&Ms, 4 Air Wick Air fresheners, gallon of milk, 2 dozen eggs, Biore Cleanser, Biore Strips-$59.79 of stuff for $11.79.
This is over 80% savings! Even more if you had Extra Bucks to start with! This is very good because eggs and milk are usually an expense for me, so when I can get them with Extra Bucks and they aren’tsuper high priced, it is worthh it to me because then i can use my actual cash for meat and produce.

CVS Tips-

**If they are out of anything you wanted to buy, GET A RAINCHECK. Then you can get it at yoru convenience and not have to fight with the Extreme Couponing inspired people that were there when they opened on Sunday!
** When you are paying with Extra Bucks, if you can figure out your cost BEFORE you give your coupons and EBs, GIVE YOUR EXTRA BUCKS FIRST. They will reduce the amount of your tax, then your coupons will take of the rest. This will help you spend less out of pocket on taxable items!
**Sometimes I shop a week or two behind. This week at CVS the Clean and Clear Body Wash was $4.99. I have a raincheck for $2.99 but they were out. Since it is on sale again (much higher) it is in stock, and I was able to get them for $.49 each, just a couple weeks later. I didn’t need the body wash, and it wasn’t one of the items people were going after when I was shopping! So don’t get hung up on having to get your deals at a specific time, because it will either come around again, or you can get it a couple weeks later!


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