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Free Jeans at Target Update

Many blogs have the fact that Target has FREE jeans. That is true. There were LOTS of them when I went today. But before you run over to Target to make sure you get some, I just want to tell you what I found out when I went..
First of all-They are Junior Sizes-3,57,etc
Second of all-there are 2 kinds that are $4.98-
The kind that are faded with holes in them, and the other kind are the boot cut that really flare out at the bottom.
Most juniors are into the ‘skinny’ jeans style, and my teenager won’t wear these. However there are some  ‘skinny’ jeans on clearance for
$9.98, but the coupon is good until March 26.
So unless you really need or want those styles of jeans, it may be better to just hang onto the coupon. The coupon is good for capris and shorts as well. You can find the coupon at Target.com 


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Quaker Oatmeal Squares Cereal $.90 at Raleys!

  Starting 2/21 at Rale’s, Quaker Oatmeal Squares will be $.90 after coupons! Here is how;

Buy 5 Quaker Oatmeal Squares, Cap’n Crunch, Life Cereal, Granola Bars, or Dole Juice and pay $1.90 each
Use 5-$1 off Quaker Oatmeal Squares 1/30 RP
=$.90 each
Or if you printed the $1 off 2 Quaker Breakfast Items from AllYou.com (no longer available)
=$1.40 each
**Hopefully it will be a good FREE item this weekend to use with this sale!!!
The new E-Coupons come on Wednesday 2/21!

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Target~Stock Up On Pasta Sauce This Week!

It is time to stock up on pasta sauce at Target this week!
ssds  I was

Bertolli Pasta Sauces $1.92
Use $1 off 2 Target Coupon from RedPlum.com
Use 2-$.60 off from 2/20 RP or in some areas $1.50 off 2
=$.67 or $.82 each

The Classico Sauces have coupons hanging off of them that say Buy 2 White Sauces get one Red sauce for FREE
At Raley’s they had $1 off Classico Sauces on all of the Ronzoni Pasta that was on sale last week~so if you have both-

Buy 2 White Classico Sauces, and One Red Classico Sauce $1.99 Each
Use 2-$1 off Classico Sauce
Use 1-Get One Red Sauce Free Coupon
Pay $1.98 for 3
=$.66 each! 

Newmans Own Pasta Sauce $1.89
use $1 off any Newmans Own item
=$.89 each


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