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$1 off Johnsonville Sausage Coupon! Print it FAST!

Right now you can print $1 off Johnsonville Italian Sausage! That is a higher dollar amount than usual, so that means it won’t last too long! There are two places you can print from. Print each one twice.  $1 off Johnsonville HERE, AND $1 off Johnsonville Sausage HERE. These are pretty much on sale everywhere because of the SuperBowl, so leave a comment if you find a good deal!

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Raincheck Reminder!

Just wanted to remind you to get your rainchecks today for Rite Aid, CVS, and Walgreens.
The benefit of getting a raincheck is that you can get the sale item after the sale and you don’t have to fight the other couponers!
At CVS, the rainchecks never expire, so you can get a raincheck now, and maybe have better coupons before you use the raincheck.
At Rite Aid,  when you use your Raincheck, they will reduce the price of the item by the amount of the +Up Rewards so you will have less out of pocket.
If you are going to get rainchecks today, these are some of the ones you want to make sure you get if they are out~

Lays Stax~$1 each -there is a $1+Up Reward printing all of Feb. You will still have to pay the $1 because the ad does not show the $1+Up
Chex Mix $1.50-There is the same $1 +Up for these
Gillete Fusion Razor $9.99 with $5+Up~If they are out, you can use your raincheck and coupon next week and have only $.99 Out of pocket! ~PLUS, if you did this deal already, and they are out-STILL GET A RAINCHECK, you can do it again next week!
Coricidin $5.99 with $4+UP
Affrin $5.99 with $4 +Up
Axe Deodorant 2 for $9 with a  $3 +Up

Skippy, Ragu Extra Bucks Deal

If you see anything else that would be good for Rainchecks, leave a comment!


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Target Deals!

  I did some quick shopping today at Target, and i saw a few deals you  might be interested in. I was able to take a couple pictures;
The 20 pack of Finish Powerball tabs are $3.79. If you Printed the $1.50 off from Target.com, and use the $2.25 off from 1/2 Smart Source, it comes to $.04 each!!

The Market Pantry Chicken Breasts and Chicken Tenderloin Strips are $4 a bag for 2.5lbs. Which comes to $1.60lb. I grabbed some for the freezer. These are nice when I just want to make chicken for myself.  It is also a quick way to stock your freezer!
I didn’t find any great cereal deals this week, but if you need cereal, The Maple Flavor Oatmeal Squares were $2.54 (the other flavors were $3.29) If you printed the $1 off 2 Target Coupon, and have the $1 off 1 from 1/30 Red Plum~ These come to $1.04 a box!

I did buy some Tostitos and got the FREE Salsa when you buy 2 bags. I used the $.55 off Tostitos Coupons, and the $.55 off the Salsa from 1/30 SS. However when I tried to use the $1 off Tostitos Dip when you buy Tostitos TARGET coupon, the screnn beeped and said~Cannot Use Coupon on FREE item.  Still, I paid $3.35 for 2 chips and a salsa!

Oh yeah~ At the end of an aisle there were some Keebler Cheesecake Middles cookies. They were not priced with a clearance sticker, but when I scanned them they were $.74! I had a $1 off 2 Keebler cookies coupon so I bought 2~Even without a coupon it’s a good deal though!

If anyone finds anything else really great, LEAVE A COMMENT!

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