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Free Coupon Class in Sacramento Area Tonight!

Hi Everyone! Tonight we will be having another coupon class!!!  This is a good class/workshop for anyone brand new, just getting started, and if you have been doing coupons already! During the class, we will break up into groups, and there will be people there to help plan shopping trips, sort and organize coupons, and answer any questions that you have!

The class will be held at~
Family Community Church
6331 Watt Ave
North Highlands, CA 95660   (enter through the side door)
TIME: 6pm-7pm

Let me know if you are coming! Last time we had to add more tables and chairs! 
Also, I have been hearing about how good everyone is doing in their shopping! Bring a great deal you got this week and help inspire someone else!!!!  Diana@pantryoverflow.com



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Double Coupons at Kmart This Week!


I got this message from a reader Linda that I wanted to share with you. I have never been to a Kmart when they do double the coupons, so I was glad to get this info. 
 “It is a limit of 5 double coupons per day – I didn’t know that when I filled my cart but the gal was really nice and let me do 5 different purchases (no one was behind me in line thank GOD).
They need to scan your K-Mart rewards card first in order for the coupons to double.  At first she scanned everything first and my rewards card last and it didn’t double so she had to re-ring the order.  Also, It only works on coupons up to $2 –  I had a $4 off coupon and it doesn’t give you any extra.  The only K-Marts left in our area are to the right off the Riverside exit Roseville and there is one on 5615 Pacific Street Rocklin & 5100 Stockton Blvd Sacramento, CA 95820; 2344 Sunrise BLVD Rancho Cordova, CA 95670.  P.S.:  You can get a K-Mart rewards card very easily at the register if you don’t have one. “

Thank you Linda!
**I really appreciate when people let me know about their deals and shopping trips. It is impossible for one person to get them all by themselves! Especially to post about them!! So if anyone else has anything to share, PLEASE help us out!!

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Free Panda Express Today!

Today you can print this coupon for FREE Firecracker Chicken Breast at panda Express today!! There is no purchase necessary either!

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