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Jan 27~ Frustrating Shopping Trip???

This was me yesterday. I had my coupons COMPLETELY organized, list made, etc. I had a list of what was for me, a list of what I was buying to donate, told my kids (YES, I brought 5 of them with me) how they were going to get cookies at Raley’s AND Safeway, and in my mind I pictured this taking less than an hour of leaving the house, shopping, and being back home.           
Well~ Looking back, I am surprised I did not have NIGHTMARES of registers BEEPING, and kids screaming!!!
At Walgreens~ my Register Rewards didnt print, I was overcharged and had to go back in, and there were about 6 people in line behind me giving me dirty looks because I had ‘coupons’. (Walgreens has the worst coupon/Register Rewards system, with the LEAST informed cashiers(in my opinion))
At Safeway~ My coupons from the SAFEWAY coupon books BEEPED every time, then they told me I could only use ONE! So I had to do multiple transactions while my 3 year old screamed so loud. I think I remember saying something to him like “I am not going to bring kids that I am babysitting to the store again!”
At Raleys~ I was trying to figure out what hamburger to buy for dinner, and my kids started fighting each other with pork tenderloins, and pretending the cow tongue was licking me,  then  my phone rang and my husband said he was on his way home! Thank God all my peanut butter coupons worked fine!

Anyways~ Has this happened to anyone else?? Do you have any advice for other shoppers who might experience the same thing?? How have you handled rude cashiers, beeping coupons, or other angry and jealous shoppers?? Leave a comment and share!

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Jan 26~ FREE Book available!

 This doesn’t have to do with coupons, or filling your pantry, but if you have daughters, you might want to request a copy of this book while it is FREE!  Link for FREE Dads and Daughters Book by James Dobson
            Thanks Liz!

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