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Jan 14~ Free Tomatoes at Raleys This Weekend!

If you are headed to Raley’s this weekend, make sure you go to Raleys.com and print out this coupon first!! If you want to see the best deals at Raley’s, go HERE.

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Jan 14~$3 off Glad Trash Bags Printable Coupon!

                                 Click on the picture to print a $3 off Glad ForceFlexTrash Bag Coupon!

At Safeway-
Glad Trash Bags 28-80ct $5.99 with in-ad coupon
Use $3 off Glad Trash Bags printable
=$2.99 each

*I don’t know the Walmart or Target price (let me know if you do!) It may be a better deal there.

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Jan 14~ Send in your shopping trip photos!!

If you are going coupon shopping this weekend, send me your pictures!!! I personally like seeing pictures of what people can do with their coupons, and I think it helps readers see what they can do as well! So if you don’t mind sharing..send me your recent shopping trip!

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Jan 14~ Stock up on Glade Spray and Scotch Brite Sponges at WalMart!


                           Here are some quick deals if you are heading to Walmart this weekend!

Scotch Brite Sponges $.84
Buy 2, use $1 off any 2 Scotch Brite products (print)
=$.34 each!

Glade Aerosol Air Freshener $.98
Use $.50 off 1 Glade Product (print)
=$.48 each!

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Jan 14~ Great Deals at Target!

I made a trip to Target and found some good deals to share! I spent $14.74 for these items- 3lbs of Tri-Tip, 1.5 lbs of chicken breasts, 6 boxes of PopTarts, 6 180z. Quick Oatmeal, 2 Yoplait Yogurts, 1 Suave Shampoo, 1 NYC nail polish, 2 Halls Vitamin C Drops, 10 GoodLife Cat Food, and 2lbs of Brown Sugar. My Subtotal was $55.33! So I saved $39.89!
Most of you should have the same coupons, or could print the same coupons, here is what I did..

PopTarts-Blueberry Muffin Flavor only $1.02
Used $1 off 3 Pop Tarts from Kelloggs.com
=$.69 each! (My kids were SO happy!)

Sutton and Dodge Tri Tip $12.57 (Reg. $4.99lb)
Used the 2-$3 off coupons on the package
=$6.57 so $2.60lb
*On Target.com there are $1 off Sutton and Dodge Beef coupons, but it depends on the cashier if they will let yoiu use these on the meat that is already marked down with coupons on them. It has worked for me before, and it has NOT worked for me before. I did not try this time because I really wouldn’t buy it if it wasn’t marked down.

Foster Farms Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast Fillets $2.49lb
Used $1 off from 1/2 RP
=$3.06 or $1.90lb

Quaker Oatmeal 18oz $1.99
Used $1 off Target Coupon from Target.com
Used $1 off Quaker Oatmeal (print no longer available) (I bought some on Ebay for $.15 each because another area got them in  their Sunday Coupons)

NYC Nail Polish $1.72
Used $1 off Target Coupon from Coupons.com (no longer avail)
Used $1 off manufacturer coupon from AllYou Magazine

Suave Shampoo $.87
Used $1 off Suave Haircare from Target.com

Halls Cough Drops (I got the VitaminC Drops) $1.29
Used $.50 Target Coupon from Target.com
Used $1 off Halls Cough Drops Printable (not available now)

The Good Life Recipe Cat food $.77
Used $1 off Good Life Recipe Cat Food 1/2 Red Plum

Ziploc Containers $2.19
Bought 4
Used 2 Buy One Get One Free
Used $1.50 off 2 Ziploc Containers
=$.72 each

I did not use a coupon for the yogurt or the brown sugar, just needed them for a recipe to make stuff with the oatmeal!

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Jan 14~ Printable Coupon Resources

If you are just starting out and want to build up your coupon supply, internet printable coupons are very easy to find. The more coupons you have, the more money you can save!!
Here are some coupon sites that you can print coupons from. Once a week or so they seem to add more coupons and change them up, sometimes more than that. A few times a week I go to these sites and see if if there is anything good. Once in awhile they will have a high dollar amount coupon that will only be on there for hours until the print limit is reached-so it is a matter of timing!

Coupons.com has the most coupons


www.allyou.com They usually have the same coupons as Coupons.com, but they also have some exclusive higher amount coupons as well.



Also if there is a product you really like-go to their website, they will usually have a coupon on there.

Remember that you can print coupons twice per computer by hitting the back button!

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