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Jan 8~My Safeway Shopping Trip


I went to Safeway today, and I found a few good deals. In this picture I spend $2.45 and got $3 off my next trip! Plus I found $2 in the parking lot!
I used my Buy One Get One Free Special K Cereal Coupons at Safeway because if you buy 4 Kelloggs cereals or PopTarts, you get a free gallon of milk. So here is what I did..

4 Special K Cereals (2 CInnamon Pecan) $2.50 each
Used 2 Buy One Get One Free Coupons
2 $.70 off Cinnamon Pecan Special K Cereal
=$3.60, but got a Catalina for a free gallon of milk
(I really paid less, because when the cashier scanned my Buy One Get One Free coupon it took off $4.49!)

8 Athenos Greek Yogurts $.99 each
Used 4 $2 off 2 Athenos Products
=8 for FREE

Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks $.99
Used 2-$.50 off 2 from General Mills Insert 1/2
=$3.95 and got a $3 Catalina for my next purchase

4 Chips Ahoy cookies with Reeses and Heath Cnady $1.99 with In-Ad Coupon
Used 4-$1 off printed earlier this week (hope you got them!)
=$.99 each

Paid with 2 $3.50 Catalinas from my granola bars last week! Spent $2.45 out of pocket and received a Catalina for $3 off my next trip for buying the fruit snacks!

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Jan 8~Vitamin Stock Up and Rite Aid $20 Reward!

Here is a picture of my vitamin deal I did at Rite Aid! It helped me earn my $20 Resolution Reward too! At Rite Aid if you spend $100 on products with the Buy and Save tag, you get a $20+Up Reward.
Whenever the vitamins are Buy One Get One Free(you can use a coupon on each item!) AND you
 get +Up Rewards, you can usually score some free-cheap viatmins and supplements.
Here is what I did-

4 Your Life Multi Vitamins $10.29 BOGO with $2 +Up Reward when you buy 2-+Bonus $2+Up
Used 4 $2 off Coupons from 1/2 RP
Paid $12.58 (used previous +Up Rewards) and got $8 +Up Rewards back!
=$1.15 each!

Disney Vitamins $7.29 Buy One Get One Free (no +Up Rewards)
Used 4 $1 off Coupons from 1/2 RP
Paid $10.58
=$2.65 each!

4 Sundown Naturals Supplements Buy One Get One Free w/$2 +Up Reward %5.99 each
Use 2 $3 off 2 Printables
Use $1 off Video Values Coupons
Paid $4,98 recevied $4 +Up Rewards
=$.50 each

Ester C Vitamin C Powder for drinks and chewable Gummies $5.99 Buy One Get One Free w/$2+Up Reward
Use 4 $2 off 1 from Redplum.com
Paid $3.98 and received $4 +Up Rewards!

This sale ends today, but I just wanted to show you an example of how to get vitamins and supplements at a great deal for very little money out of pocket. I got $130 worth of vitamins and supplements for less than $20 and yet I earned a $20 +Up reward when I was done buying them! (I did have other purchases that helped with that). Rite Aid ALWAYS has vitamins on sale for Buy One Get One Free, and if you wait until they give you +Up Rewards too, you will be able to get more and more.

But my kids are excited to have the character vitamins instead of the large Costco chewables that they hate!!
For the link for the printables I used go HERE

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Jan 8~$.55 off 2 Kraft Mac and Cheese Coupon

If you go to KraftBrands.com and play the Noodlette Game, you can win a coupon for $.55 off 2 Kraft Macaroni and Cheese dinners. If you printed out the Kraft Mac and Cheese coupons from Target.com, you can pair them together. I don’t know the price on those there. 

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