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Jan 5~ Sunday Coupon Preview for January 9!

Here is a list of what coupons will be in the paper on this Sunday. There will for sure be 2 coupon inserts, and some areas will have 3. For a detailed list of each coupon-GO  HERE.
             Thanks Forthemommas.com!

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Jan 5~ Best Deals at Raley’s and New E-Coupons!

There are new E-Coupons at Raleys.com, and the FREE Friday-Sunday items is an individual dessert from the bakery when you spend $20. Read the full post for the best deals and coupon matchups!
Athenos Greek yogurt $1
Use $1 off 2 Coupons.com
$2 off 2 Print HERE
=Free or $.50 each!

Lean Cuisine $1.50 when you buy 6 or more-No Limit!

Progresso Soup $.99
$1 off 4 GM 1/2
=$.74 each

Rice-A-Roni $.99
Use Buy 3 Get One Free Coupon from 1/2 RP
=$.74 each

Wisk Laundry Detergent $5.49
$2 off RP1/2

Bell Peppers-Red, yellow, green, or orange $.97 each! (I was most excited about this!)

If you see anything really exciting, let me know..otherwise I may just skip Raley’s this week!


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Jan 5~CVS Deals on Wisk and Excedrin until Jan. 8!


Here are some of the best deals at CVS this week, and some sample transactions..
Transaction #1
Spend $25 and get $10 Extra Bucks
If you have multiple coupons (share with a friend maybe?)
Buy 5 Wisk Laundry Detergents 2 for $10
Use 5-$2 off Wisk from 1/2 RP
Pay $15 and receive $10 EB
=$1 per bottle!

Transaction #2
Excedrin Spend $20 get $10 EB
Buy 2 at $5.39 (Excedrin PM and Migraine)
Buy 2 at $4.79 (Gel Caps, and other varieties)
use 4 $2.50 off from 12/5 Smart Source Coupons
Use $10 EB from Transaction #1
Pay $.36 and Receive $10 EB back!

In my opinion these are really the only deals worth going to CVS this week. Walgreens and Rite Aid have way better deals. If you do them, I would save the $10 EB for next week!

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Jan 5~Great Deals and FREE Stuff at Walgreens This Week!

Here are what I consider the best deals at the drugstores this week!! If you are new to shopping at Walgreens, here are a few transaction ideas to earn you some Register Rewards and to help you get the most items by spending the least money!

Coffee-mate $2.49 Buy One Get One FREE
use 2 $1 off Coupons-PRINT HERE
=$.49 for 2

Electrasol 20ct $3.49 with $1.50 Register Rewards
Use $2.25 from 1/2
Pay $1.24 and receive $1.50 back!
=$.29 profit!

Huggies Diapers or Pull-Ups
$2 Walgreens Coupon in Coupon Booklet
$2 off Pull-ups from pullups.com
=$2.99 for Pull-Ups

Childrens Oscillococcinum Flu medicine $8.99 with $8.99 Register Rewards $2 off Coupon HERE
Omega Factor 3 $10 with $10 Register Rewards
Salon pas Arthritis Patches $5.99 with $5.99 Register Rewards

These items you buy, and get the same amount back in Register Rewards, which is condsidered getting them for free. If you want to start out with $10-this is what you would do

Transaction #1 
Childrens Flu Medicine
use $2 off Coupon
Pay $6.99 get $8.99 back

Transaction $2
Buy Focus Factor $10
Pay with $9 Register Rewards from Transaction #1
Pay $1 and get $10 back

Transaction #3
Buy Salon pas Arthritis Patches
Huggies Pull-Ups
2 Coffee Mate
Foil $.89 with in ad coupon (if you don’t want the foil, you need a filler item of $.53 or higher)
-Use Pull-ups coupon and Walgreens coupon, 2 coffee mate coupons
Use $10 RR from Transaction $2
Pay $.36 and get $5.99 Register Rewards back.

Transaction #4
1 Electrasol $3.49
3 dozen Eggs $1.69 each-
Use 1 $2.25 Coupon,  and $6 RR
Pay $.31 + Tax and recieve $1.50 RR

*if you don’t see an item in stock-ask! A lot of times they have more in the back and are just running out quickly.

If you did these transactions, you will spend
$8.66+tax (you have to pay tax on the pre-coupon price)
and receive$1.50
=$7.16 for the following;

Flu Medicine, Viatmins, Patches, foil, Pull-Ups, 2 CoffeeMate, 3 dozen eggs, and dishwasher soap! That is $46 worth of items! 85% Savings!!


If doing multiple transactions seems weird to you-the cashiers are used to it, and really do not have any problems with you doing it-Especially if you are organized ahead of time! If there is a long line when I am doing multiple transactions and I am not in a hurry, sometimes I just get back in line again so I don’t give a bad name to ‘coupon people’.

Also, in these transactions there may be some things you do not need or use-then you can substitiute what you want. The reason I put the transactions together this way, is that is the best way to ‘roll’ your register rewards without as much money out of pocket. Also, the items that I don’t use-I GIVE AWAY! I don’t have anyone in Pull-Ups, but I know people who do, and to be able to give someone who is spending $9 for a pack of Pull-Ups is a HUGE blessing (I’ve been that person!)

Also, if you just did ONE of the transactions-you can keep the Register Rewards for next week and maybe something better will be on sale that you need!

**My favorite thing to do, if I am busy and don’t have time for the multiple transactions-is to -Run into Walgreens-buy 1 of the free items-get the Register Rewards-leave-come back next week-buy the free item with my register rewards-get new register rewards-leave-come back next week-and so on…

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Jan 5~$1 off Chips Ahoy Coupon!


Here is a $1 off Chips Ahoy Coupon you can print. It is from the Comida Kraft Facebook page which is in Spanish, but you can tell where to click for the coupon (which prints in English!)

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