Daily Archives: January 1, 2011


Dec 31~ Target Christmas Clearance at 75% off!

At Target today I had my binder with me when I looked at the Christmas clearance, and found Pilsbury Cookie Mix for $.49, and I found Pilsbury Christmas frosting for $.42. I had coupons for $.40 off Pilsbury frosting or brownies, and $.50 off Pilsbury cookie mixes!!! So that was a GREAT find. ~Thanks to my husband!

$.40 off 1Pilsbury Frosting Coupon 11/7 Red Plum=$.02 each!
$.50 off Pilsbury Cookie Mix 11/7 Red Plum=FREE
They don’t expire until Sept. 2012, so I am thinking of packing them away with my Christmas stuff so I am set for next year!

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