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Dec 13~ Taster’s Choice, Ovaltine, and Lipton Deals at Safeway!

Safeway has a buy 3 save $6 (mix and match) sale going on until Tuesday. You can get the Tasters Choice 20pks for $.25, The Lipton tea for $.99 and the Ovaltine for FREE! Here is how…

Ovaltine $1.99
Use $2 off PRINT HERE it is a PDF coupon, but it works fine at Safeway, I used it today. It is a family newsletter, so just print page 35 for the coupon, Don’t print the whole thing!!!!

Lipton Hot Tea, assorted flavors $1.99
$1 off coupons.com
=$.99 each

Taster’s Choice 20pk instant coffee-regular, vanilla, or hazelnut $.99 each
$.75 off PRINT HERE
=$.25 each

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Dec 13~Money Making and Free at Rite-Aid This Week!

Here are some FREE and really good deals at Rite Aid this week….

Halls Cough Drops 2 for $3 with $1 +Up Reward
Use $1 off 2 mfQ
$.50 Nov. Video Values
$.50 Dec. Video Values

Chips Ahoy snack size $.50
$.50 off Nabisco Cookies Video Values

Rite Aid Tape $1.49 Buy one Get One Free
+$1 +Up Reward on each one
Pay $1.49 and get $2 +Up Reward
=$.49 Profit!!

Hormel Compleats meals $1.99 with $1 +Up Reward
Use $1 off from Rite Aid Coupon Book

Eco Tools Facial Sponges $2.99 Buy One Get one 50% off
Pay $4.50 and get $5 +Up Reward
=FREE  there were other Eco Tools that were $1.99, but they were out. I am not sure if they will restock though.


The Blue Diamond Nuts were $3 each, and if you buy 4 (or $12 of baking stuff) you get a $3 +Up Reward.

I bought Pecans because they are $4.99 each at Target and I buy them alot so $3 is an awesome deal.
I bought 4
Used 2-$2 off 2 Blue Diamond Nuts
Paid $8 and got $3+Up Reward
=$1.25 bag

Colgate Sensitive Toothpaste $3.50
get $3.50 +Up Reward
=FREE ( I bought 4 and it gave me the +Up for each one)

Revlon Beauty Tools 40% off with $1 +Up Reward
Emery Boards $.75 Buy 2
Pay $1.50 and get $2 +Up Rewards!

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Dec 13~ Free Reese’s , Kit Kat and Hershey’s at Safeway!

At Safeway today and tomorrow, these candy bars are Buy 3 Get 3 Free. If you have 3 of these coupons, you will get 6 candy bars for FREE! Read more for other Safeway Deals.

Banquet Chicken Nuggets 2.99 when you buy 3

Use $2 off Banquet Chicken from Safeway book
=$.99 each


Honey Bunches of Oats 3 for $5
Buy 5, pay $8.34 and get a $4 Catalina back
=$.87 each

Monday 5lb flour $.59 each
Tuesday Chocolate Chips $.99 each (use $.50 off from safeway book)

Tasters Choice 20ct Hazelnut,Vanilla, or regualr instant coffee packs $.99 each
Use $1 off in a previous package you got, or buy 3 and Pay $2.98 and then take the coupons from inside and buy 3 more and pay $0!

Ovaltine-Buy 3 pay $1.99 each
Use $2 off 1 (PDF coupon so may not work)
or $1 off HERE
=Free or $.99!

Also don’t forget the chicken is $1.88lb. They offer free marinades or rubs as well in the meat department. I had some of mine done in teriyaki and some in fajita marinade. Then I put those in the freezer for another time!

If there is anything else that is a great deal we dont want to miss before the sale ends, leave a comment!

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