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Nov 20~Ragu Sauce for $.50! Plus FREE Pasta at Safeway!

Thank you Emily who called to tell me about a great deal going on at Safeway right now!! Ragu Pasta sauce is 2 for $3 which isn’t a great deal, but with these coupons, it is a great time to stock up!

Buy 2 Ragu Pasta Sauce
1 Golden Grain Pasta ($1.25)
Use $1 off 2 Ragu from $70 Safeway Book
Use FREE Pasta when you buy 2 Ragu 11/14 Red Plum
Pay $2 and Receive a $1 Catalina for your next purchase!
=$.50 each + FREE pasta

I tried this and bought multiple sauces and pasta, and it was a mess. First the cahsier said the Ragu coupon said one per purchase and wouldn’t do it. Then the manager did it, and it only gave me one Catalina. So if you have multiples of this coupon I would suggest separate transactions. Then you can use your catalina for your next transaction for less $ out of pocket.

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Nov 20~ Last Day for $15 Gift Card at Target

Okay I got them! I have been wanting to go all week to do this and I finally had the chance. First, I went there and found there werent any on the shelves, but they did have them in the back–but, I forgot my purse–so I went home and got it, came back bought my stuff, got home, and was so excited to show everyone, then I realized that I left 2 bags at the store when I was trying to get everything to fit in the cart! ~ I am so thankful that I live close. I got the Roasting Pan, the Buffet Server, 2 Butterball Turkeys and 8 Pilsbury Crescents (I have enough StoveTop!) for $45! 

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