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Christmas Giving Idea~Using what you have

        This is a Priority Mail Flat Rate shipping Box. Flat Rate Means it is a Flat Rate of $10.70 for whatever you can mail in this box. It is not measured by weight. I have friends and relatives that live out of town/state that I want to include in my Christmas giving, but when you factor in a gift AND shipping it seems like it isn’t worth it sometimes. Well here is a picture of what I fit IN this box.
There was room for all of these items ($35 worth) plus room for cards, pictures etc. So what I did. was I got a few of these boxes for some people that I will have to mail gifts too, and as I get things for FREE or really great deals, i add them to their box. Then when the box is as full as I can get it, I add a card, some pictures, or anything else, and I address it and mail it for $10.70! The gift may not be a new sweater or cash, but giving the items that I can get good deals on, I am saving them their money and am able to get them a gift that is more than I would have been able to actually spend (or may not have even given a gift at all).  Depending on who you mail them to, you can do it by couple or family as well. If my family is all going to be at my grandma’s for Christmas, then I can just send all the boxes there and everyone will get theirs at the same time, and maybe they can trade with each other or something!

This was another idea I am working on too. I have a bunch of Christmas stockings that are extra because of family members being added, we had to change our stockings to match! Also they have cute ones at the Dollar Store too! The items that we get with coupons can be put in stockings to give away as well. You can save on wrapping pape,r ribbons, and time! I had the earlier post where I made some things into gift baskets, and that looks neat too. (With a stocking not everything has to match!).
Well, hopefully I have inspired someone to think about giving, and how to use what you have (or what you can spend less on). If you have any great ideas you would like to share, let me know so I can pass them on. If I come up with more, I will post them too. I just hate coming close to Christmas and being stressed, or wishing I could have gave more people gifts so I am trying to avoid that this year.

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