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CVS~ Great Deal on Excedrin with multiple Coupons!

It must be medicine stock up time!! Here is what I am going to get at CVS today…
When you go to CVS and scan your card at the coupon kiosk, you will get a $5 off $15 when you buy the items on page 16 & 17 of their ad. It has a bunch of medicine.

Now, you will have to have multiple coupons to do this transaction-so maybe if you get coupons from a friend and split it.

Excedrin is $2 (different varieties)
Buy 8 Excedrin
Use 8-$1 off Excedrin 10/17 SS
Use $5 off
Pay $3 for all!
=$.38 each!


CLICK HERE to print coupons from Excedrin

Other items included in coupon use;

NyQuil $4.50
Robitussin 8oz. $7
Triaminic $5.50
Theraflu $5.50
Mucinex $12
Afrin $6
Delsym $9
Sinus Buster $10
Vaporub $4.50
halls Cough Drops $1.99
Boiron Flu $9
Metamucil $10
Gas X $10
Benefiber $10
Advil Congegstion Relief $8
Claritin $9.99
Zegerid $25
Simply Saline $5
Zyrtec $13
Abreva $17

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Target~Ore-Ida Steam n’ Mash Frozen Potatoes FREE!!

Ore-Ida Steam n’Mash is $2.25 at Target! That  means if you have the $1.50  coupon from the $70 Safeway Coupon Booklet, you can use three of the coupons to go along with Targets Ore-Ida buy 2 get 1 free and get 3 for FREE
Buy 3 Ore-ida Steam and Mash $2.25 each
Use 3-$1.50 off Steam n’Mash from Safeway Coupon Book ($70)
-$2.25 from Target Buy 2 Get one Free
=3 for FREE!!

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