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Picture People~ 6 Sheets for $18 NO SITTING FEES~Until 11/30

Picture People has  a GREAT deal going on right now. I know people who did this last month, and I am glad they extended it because I never got around to it! GO HERE to print the coupon for 6 Sheets for $18 w/no sitting fees!

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$3 OFF Nivea Body Wash for Men ~FREE at Rite Aid Next week!

Here is a printable coupon for $3 off Nivea Body Wash for men. An ad prints on the bottom half of the page. PRINT HERE. These will be FREE at Rite Aid next week!! Thanks MyFrugalAdventures

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GREAT DEALS at Walgreens this week! Money Makers and Toy Story 3 Scenario!


Here is a picture of today’s trip to Walgreens. I wanted to see if the Secret/Olay deal would work, and then I knew there were a few money makers and free items+ wanted to get ToyStory 3 for the kids! So I spent $16 and this is what I got. Here is how/what I did…

Now Walgreens has the most trickiest coupon policy and they usually don’t have all of the items in stock that are for sale, so I was EXTREMELY excited when everything I wanted to get was there!!
I did 4 Transactions (I had 5 kids with me too! Buying Toy Story 3 is a GREAT bribe!) But it was slow in the store, so it took me about 20 minutes.

Ricola Cough Drops $.99 (Many different flavors)
$1 off 2 mfQ
$.50 off Walgreens Coupon Book (1 coupon takes $.50 off each one)

NyQuil Sinex 2 for $10 with $5 Register Rewards
2-$4 off 1
=$2 for both with $5 Reward=$3 profit

Zarbees All Natural Cough Syrup $5.99 w/$5.99 RR
$3 printable Coupon (not available now)
=$2.99 w/$5.99 RR=$3.00 profit!

I bought the cough drops, the cough syrup, and the NyQuil Sinex.
Received a $5 and $6 Register Reward.

Then, I did the Oil of Olay Secret deal. You can get bar soap if you would like and get a better deal, but I prefer the body wash.
If you buy $30 of Secret, or Olay you get a $10 Register Reward

4 Secret Deodorants $3.99 each
4 Oil Of Olay Body Wash $3.96 each =$31.80
use 4 $5 off Body Wash when you buy 1 secret
$5 RR  from Transaction 1
$6 RR from Transaction 1
Paid $3.53 and received a $10 RR

Then I bought Transaction 1 Again-the cough syrup and the Sinex.
Paid $7.05 and received a $6 and $5 RR.

Now for the TOY STORY 3
If you buy the movie, you get a Buddy Pack Toy Free ($11.99 value)
The cool thing is that Walgreens does not allow you to use more than one coupon per item. Since I wanted to use my Register Rewards to buy the movie, the fact that it come with a free toy means you can use TWO Register Rewards to pay for it.

Toy Story 3 $17.99
Buzz Lightyear/Woody Buddy Pack $11.99
-$11.99 for promo
$10 Register Reward
$6 Register Reward
paid $3.56!!!

So it took a little work, but I got
7 Niveas
16 bags of Ricola
2 Cough Syrups
4 Sinex
4 Secret Deodorants
4 Oil Of Olay Body Washes
Toy Story 3
Toy Story Toy
=$150 worth of product!!

In my transactions I paid $21 total, and I still have a $5 Register Reward.

It is the Reward for the Sinex, so technically I can use it towards doing the Secret Deal again! You just can’t use the Register Rewards to buy the same items you got the Register Rewards for.

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