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How I Sorted, Cut, and Organized My Coupons This Week in LESS THAN 30 MINUTES!!

OK, I prefer using the binder method for my coupons, however, I just didn’t feel like doing it, and I don’t really have the time for it in the next few days. But I got it done and it went really fast, so I just wanted to share in case it can anyone else.
I was a little disappointed in the coupons this week, but there were some REALLY good ones.
There were 2 inserts-Smart Source and Red Plum

This is how I did the Red Plum (which was very small this week)

I sorted each stack of inserts and put the same pages together.
I stapled the top of the Taco Bell coupon page together and put that in my restaurant coupon section
Then I took the pages of the Target coupons and just stapled them once to keep them together (did not cut out individually) and put them in a sheet protector to look at later when I go to Target)
Then I cut the water, olives,and sugar coupons and put them in my binder and that was it!

SMART SOURCE- **Warning** I did break my own rule about throwing away coupons this time…read at your own risk….

Opened the insert and threw away the first 5 pages (that was weird)
Kept the Jello and Chef Boy r Dee Qs
threw away the Oreck and checks ad
Threw away ALL of the medicine ads this week (Even the FREE nivea lip care when you buy Triaminic) We have the $1 off Nivea and $2 off 2 and they go on sale so much anyways (FREE at Safeway right now!)
Threw away the Scott Toilet paper coupons-Cottonelle is a WAY better deal at Safeway right now.
This left me with 7 pages of coupons (13 coupons) I am keeping!

Sort those, staple, cut insert-DONE

*If you do not want to throw the coupons away. Here are a couple suggestions.
This is what I do for PET FOOD, MEDICINE, and VITAMINS

Get a sheet protector and label it MEDICINE/Vitamins and just put the coupons in there not cut out and then you can go there if you ever need them.
If you do not have a baby, do the same for your baby coupons. Then you can give them away all at once, or have them in case you need them, but don’t spend your time on them.
The same with Pet Food or whatever category you don’t use.
If you are a single woman/mom, then put all the men’s coupons separate and don’t spend time on those.

Just a few tips, let me know if you have any of your own to save time.


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