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How Coupons really cut your Food Budget

Buying lots of items at VERY low-FREE will get you to the place where you have plenty of food in stock to make GREAT meals without having to run to the store, and then you will start to extremely reduce your budget-Here is an example;

This is what we are having for dinner tonight for 9 People-
2 boxes of pasta$.25 each
2 jars of sauce$.69 each
Johnsonville Italian SausagesFREE at Raleys with $20 purchase last weekend
2 bags Kraft Shredded pizza cheeese$1 each
1 package french bread for garlic bread- Free at Target when I bought Peanut butter a few weeks ago
2 bags of Steamfresh Green BeansFREE when I bought fishsticks 2 weeks ago)
So dinner for 9 people PLUS leftovers was
$3.88! ($.43 a person)

So my advice to you would beeven if you don’t need it on your menu this week, BUY IT if it is a stock up price, or if you can get things for free, save them up. Then, when you go to make your menu after a few weeks of doing this you will have many items to start with and your trips to the store will just be for fresh produce and meat-or more cheap-free items.

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