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Free Milk at CVS!

FREE Milk AND Sobe????

Many of us who have been getting Sobe all week at CVS have also been getting $3 off $10 grocery purchase when we scan our cards at the coupon kiosk.  Thanks to Christine at FullerFamilyFrugalities I have a picture for you!
Here is how to get free milk:

6 Sobe Life Water @ 1.59 each
B1G1F Sale
$5.07 for 6 (this includes the bottle deposit)

2 Gallons of Milk @ $2.79 each sale price
$5.58 for 2

Subtotal: $10.65
Used $3 off $10
Used 3 B1G1F Sobe MFG Q sobe.headsortails.com
Final Price:  $2.88 for everything

This was an awesome deal because we go through LOTS of milk and I received 3 coupons this week-I even bought butter at CVS which to me is SOO Funny that it was cheaper to buy my milk and butter at CVS this week!

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