VERY EASY and Inexpensive Way to Add Special Effects to Ordinary Halloween Decorations!

This video shows you how to do 3 easy things with dry ice that will add that little “extra’ to your Halloween Decor!

  1. Black Steaming Cauldron. 
    Just fill 2/3-3/4 full of warm water and add small chunks of dry ice until you get the desired effect!
  2. Spooky Jack-O-Lantern. 
    Carve your pumpkin- instead of opening at the top, I found it easier to take out a portion of the back of it. Add a small bowl of warm water inside and add chunks of dry ice to get your desired effect. 
  3. Spooky Punch Bowl!
    Find 2 large bowls that will fit inside of each other. Put the dry ice on the bottom of the first bowl. Put the 2nd bowl on top. Add your punch- Sprite and Fruit Punch gives you the blood look you may be going for. Then add some warm water to the bowl with the dry ice and watch the steam come up! Looks like you are serving up some Witches Brew! Just continue to add small amounts of warm water to keep the effect going through the night. 


I bought about 3 pounds from the store. They gave it to me in a bag. Then I just dropped the bag on the floor to break it up. 
I then used tongs to get it out of the bag. You can use gloves, an oven mitt, or anything you would like, but be VERY careful! Also, DO NOT store it in your refrigerator or freezer-it will cause them to shut off. You can put it in a cooler with the lid open, or a container. 

Dry Ice Prices-
Smart and Final $1.49 lb.
Raley’s $1.99 lb. 

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Oreo Candy Bars Snack Size Only $.90 at Target With Checkout 51 Cash Back!

Here is a great deal on Halloween Candy- or  candy in general!

Oreo Snack Size Candy Bags $2.66

Buy 5 Bags
Add 10% off to your Target Cartwheel App
Pay $12.00

Submit for $1.50 Cash Back per bag from Checkout 51 (up to 5 bags)
Receive $7.50 Cash Back

=$.90 per bag -no coupons needed!

If you have not dowloaded the Checkout 51 App yet- you can get a $5 Bonus by using this link and starting now!!!


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Halloween Kids Costumes Ideas For Less Than $5 at Dollar Tree!


If you are trying to do it all for Halloween and want to stay on track with your budget-Try your local Dollar Store first!

Dollar Store Costume Ideas-

#1 Ninja
Ninja Vest $1
Ninja Nunchucks $1
Ninja Stars Pack $1
Ninja Mask $1
=$4  and you just need to add these accessories to black pants and a black shirt which you may have already, or can borrow from someone else!

#2 Cowboy or Cowgirl
Wear jeans and a T-Shirt or Flannel Shirt
Cowboy Hat $1  (They had black, brown, pink, and purple)
Cowboy/Cowgirl Vest $1
Cowboy Accessory Pack with Badge and Gun $1

#3 Princess, Butterfly, or Bumble Bee
Tutu $1
Butterfly Wings $1

Bumble Bee Wings $1
Tiara and Wand Set $1
Jewelry Pack with Necklaces and Bracelet $1
Just add to a dress your child already has!

I also found Super Hero Reusable Bags for $1 for them to carry Trick or Treating (that can be used over and over again!). 
There was also a great selection of NON CANDY items to giveaway. Pencils, Bubbles, frisbees, etc. 
If you are having a party for Halloween-they had LOTS of awesome decorations, silverware, plates, tablecloths, bowls, etc that would make it very easy to stay on budget for a great party!

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FREE Pumpkin at Safeway When You Spend $20 in Produce!

If you plan on spending $20  in produce at Safew-add this offer to your Just For U account!

FREE Pumpkin when you spend $20 or more in produce!


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Pumpkin Cream Cheese $.99 and Pumpkin Cereal For $.79 at Safeway -NO COUPONS NEEDED!

Add these coupons to your Safeway Just For U Accont!

Signature Select Pumpkin O’s Cereal $1.79
$1 off Signature Select Pumpkin O’s

Lucerne Soft Cream Cheese $1.99
$1 off Lucerne Pumpkin Soft Cream Cheese


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9 Stamps For Large Drinks at Dutch Bros in Woodland, Davis, and Dixon Today 10/17!

Dutch Bros 9 Stamps for Large Drinks in Woodland, Davis and Dixon!

10 stamps gets you a FREE drink!  

6am-Midnight October 17, 2018!

I bought my large Keto Cano for $3.50 and then I will give my stamp card to one of my kids so they can get a large drink that usually ends up being over $7 for FREE!


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Foods Co

Foods Co Deals 10/17-10/23

Foods Co has Kool Aid Jammers for $.99 this week!


Download the Foods Co app if you haven’t and add these coupons-
$.30 off American Beauty Pasta and get up to 5 bags of Pasta for $.49 each!

Also on FRIDAY you can download 1 FREE Reese’s Outrageous Bar!

More deals-
2 Dozen Extra Large Eggs $2.99
Starkist Tuna $.50
Kellogg’s Cereal Family Size $2.99
Foster Farms Corn Dogs and Chicken Strips $3.99


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FREE-Moneymaker on Milka Oreo Bars at Grocery Outlet and Checkout 51 App!

Checkout 51 Deal!!!

Buy 5 Oreo Milka 10.5 Oz bars from Grocery Outlet for $.99 each
Send a picture of your receipt through Checkout 51 app
Receive $10 Cash Back!!!!

If you are new to Checkout 51-Download the app through this link and get a Bonus $5 Cash Back!

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Target Halloween Candy! Carthweel Offers, Sales, Coupons and MORE!

Candy Deals at Target!!!

Target has Halloween Candy on Sale. 
Some Candy is Buy 1 Get One 50 % Off
Others are on sale and have an extra % off with the Target Cartwheel App.

This 400 Piece Mars Candy for $23.74 is a great deal!
Add the 25 % off Carthweel offer
Pay $17.80
=$.04 each piece of candy! 

To figure out if the candy is really a great deal- I take the price of the candy and divide it by the number of pieces in the package. 
If it comes to less than $.10 each, I think that is pretty good, but I am always looking for the lowest-especially because I like to be generous with the candy. Even if it is smaller peices, I like to give a big handful instead of just one piece!

Also there are $1 off 2 Mars Wrigley bags of candy on some items I have found at a couple different stores. They haven’t made for a super great deal on the small bags yet, but keep a look out- I think the week before Halloween will be the best!

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Best Halloween Candy Deals at Sam’s Club!

If you want some Halloween Candy, and don’t really care about the brand.. These 2 bags at Sams Club come out to be a pretty good price!

Brach’s Kiddie Mix $19.98
$.03 each piece of candy
$.14 per oz of candy

Tootsie Roll Playtime Mix $0.98
$.12 per oz.  (doesn’t say how many pieces are included, but it is a 5 lb. bag)

They have the other Nestle, Mars, and Hershey Varieties-they just come to about double as far as the price per piece.



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