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Sprouts 72 Hours Sale Friday 8/16-Sunday 8/18

Sprouts is having a 72 Hour Sale! Friday 8/16-Sunday 8/18!

Red Mangos 3 for $1
Bartlett Pears 3 lbs. for $1
Organic Whole Chicken $1.99 lb.
Essentia Water $.99
Submit for $.50 Cash Back from Ibotta
=$.49 each
**Look for $1 off 2 coupons on the product!

Sprouts Veggie Straws and Chips 6 oz. $.99
Fresh Mild Cheddar Cheese $2.88 lb.

Mixed Nuts with Peanuts $4.99 lb.
Gummi Bears or Worms in Bulk $1.88 lb.
Wild Jumbo Raw Shrimp $7.99 lb.

Also- These items are at great prices through Wednesday 8/21

Yellow Peaches $.33 lb
Red, Yellow, Orange Bell Peppers $.98 each
Strawberries 1lb. $1.25
Blueberries 6 oz. $1.25
Italian or Yellow Squash $.98 lb
Cantaloupes $.98 each






Plant Based Items are 35% Off this week!!


Check your Sprouts App for MORE coupons for Plant Based Items! So Delicius, Silk, and others have coupons you can add, plus the 35% off!






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Sprouts- August 15 Only-25% Off All Bulk Bins, Spices, and Coffee Beans!

Sprouts- Thursday August 15 ONLY! 25% Off ALL Bulk Bins!!

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Free Garnier Whole Blends Honey Mask!

Garnier is givng away Free Whole Blends Honey Masks!

GO HERE and fill out the short form and you will get yours in the mail!


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Safeway Top Deals of the Week 8/14-8/20!

Here are the top deals at Safeway this week!! 

Foster Farms Whole Chicken $.99 lb.
Pork Shoulder Country Style Ribs $1.99 lb.
London Broil $2.99 lb.

Fresh Atlantic Salmon Filet $5.99 lb.
Beef Ribeye Steak $6.99 lb.




General Mills Large Boxes of Cereal $1.99 each wyb 4
Print $1 off 3 GM Cereals (print/use 2)
=$1.66 each!



Breyers Ice Cream-Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Klondike Bars-Buy 1 Get 1 Free
Good Humor Dessert Bars-Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Lucerne AlmondMilk $1.99

Lucerne White or Chocolate Milk $1.99




O Organics Meatballs $.99 each
**These were $.99 last week-I bought them and they are VERY GOOD. 
Found in the frozen meat aisle. 




Lysol Wipes $.99 each
Lysol Toilet Cleaner $.99 each

Lysol All Purpose Cleaner $1.49 each
Use $1 off 2 from 7/21 SS
=$.99 each
*Lysol wipes are great classroom donation items.
*Check for coupons in the store near the Lysol products. 



There are some great School Supplies available at Safeway too!! 

4 for $1 Rulers and folders
2 for $1 Notebooks
$.99 Composition Books
$.99 Pens and Lined Paper
$.88 Elmers Glue, Scissors and WHite-Out

Not the lowest prices around-but convenient if you are already at Safeway!



Butterfinger, Crunch and Baby Ruth Candy Bars $.69
Print $.50 off 2 Nestle Candy Bars
=$.44 each


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Cash Back Checkout 51 Drop Fetch Ibotta Smart & Final Stores

Smart & Final Deals 8/14-8/20~ Free Milk When You Buy Cereal, $.99 Dozen Eggs and More Great Deals!

Lots of GREAT deals again this week at Smart & Final. 

I love shopping at Smart & Final-they have a great balance of deals on produce, meat and items I regularly use. 

Their First Street Brand is great too. My kids actually prefer their First Street Lunchmeats-which is awesome because they are the best prices!

 I regularly grab my school lunch items here-this week it is all about the BREAKFAST DEALS!!!

Kellogg’s Cereals $1.99 each-PLUS when you buy 4 you get a FREE Gallon of Milk!!

Print $1 off 2 Kellogg’s Cereal (print and use 2)
or-Print $1 off 3 Kellogg’s Cereal
or-Print $1 off 2 Kellogg’s Raisin Bran
=$5.96 for 4 Boxes of Cereal and a Gallon of Milk!

Dozen Eggs $.99 each Limit 6



Beef Chuck Steaks $2.99 lb.
Foster Farms Chicken Drumsticks and Thighs $.89 lb
Sun Harvest Organic 100% Grass-fed Beef $5.99 lb.
First Street Tilapia 3lbs $9.99
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts 4 lbs. (frozen) $9.99
First Street Marinated Chicken Breasts $4.99 lb.
Pork Loin Back Ribs $3.99 lb.

Pluots $.99 lb.
Navel Oranges $.99 lb.
Organic Strawberries 1 lb. $2.99 lb.
Grape Tomatoes 12 oz. $1.99
Fiji Apples $.98 lb.
Iceberg Lettuce $.99 each

 Crisco Oil 48 oz $2.50

7 Up, Squirt, and 7 Up 2 Liters $.99 wyb 4
Buy 2 Squirt and Submit for $.50 Cash Back with Ibotta

Progresso Soup- Buy One Get One Free

Frito Lay Variety Pack 20ct. $5.99
Nabisco Single Serve Snacks $3.99 
First Street Deli Sliced Lunchmeat 16 oz. $2.99
Orowheat Pan Bread 2 for $5

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Cash Back Coupons Drop Fetch Foods Co Ibotta Stores

Foods Co Deals and Coupon Matchups August 14, 2019-August 20. 219 +Ibotta Deals!

There are some really great deals at Foods Co this week!

These deals start Wednesday August 14-through Tuesday August 20

 Do you have the Foods Co App? You can also get an account online! THen you can add coupons to your card. You can scan your card from your phone, or enter  phone number at checkout. 

The digital deal this week-

Dunkin Donut Creamer and International Delight Creamer $1.49
Buy up to 5-
Submit to Ibotta for $1.50 Cash Back (up to 5!)
=$.01 Moneymaker per bottle!



  Meat Deals-
Jennie-O Ground Turkey $2.29
Sirloin Tip $2.47 lb.
Raw Shrimp $3.99 lb (2lb. Bag)
Pork Sirloin End Chops $.99 lb.
Farmer John Bacon $3.99


Ragu Pasta Sauce $.99 each
Kroger Pasta $.99 each
Squirt and 7 Up 2 Liters $.77 each (wyb 5)
Buy 2 and Submit for $.50 Cash Back
=$.52 each for Squirt

Powerade $.49 each when you buy 15

Pepsi 12 Pack Cans 4 for $10
Lays Potato Chips $1.99 each

Coca Cola 12 Pack Cans 3 for $9.99



Oscar Mayer Lunchables $1 each
Post Cereals 3 for $5
Skippy Peanut Butter $1.49 each when you buy 2

Hershey’s Candy Bars 2 for $1

Crest Toothpaste and Toothbrushes $1
Suave Silver or Men’s Shampoo $1.99 
Stayfree Pads $1.49
Carefree Liners $1.49
Herbal Essence Shampoo or Conditioner $1.99 

Lots of great produce deals too-
Yellow and White Peaches $.99 lb.
Red, Green, and Black Grapes $.99 lb.
Sweet Corn 3 for $1
Whole Seedless or Seeded Watermelon $.20 lb.
Salad Tomatoes $.49 lb.
Green Bell Peppers $.25 each
White Onions $.39 lb.
Pinto Beans $.49 lb.





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Smart & Final Stores Students Studio 40 Live Videos

Back to School Ideas- Studio 40 Live Segment August 7 2019!

Here is my Back to School Segment on Studio 40 Live!!!

In case you haven’t noticed I am a HUGE fan of Smart & Final -and their store brands. 

Here are my family’s favorite First Street items for Back to School. 

First Street Roast Beef– 1lb package was $6.29! That is an amazing price for roast beef-and it is the one brand that everyone likes which makes it nice.
First Street Cheese Cubes.  We alternate between the Pepper Jack Cubes and the Colby Jack Cubes. Sure, you can buy a block and cut it and save a little money..tried that..It was a disaster! These are perfect little squares. I can portion them out and it fits with everyone’s eating plan.
First Street Sunflower Butter– My kids have Peanut Free classrooms at school. They could still bring peanut butter, but last year we tried this butter and they all loved it-so this is what I have them bring to school and it really does taste great with celery and apples. 
First Street Olives– Almost $1 Cheaper per can than the name brand!! We go through LOTS of olives in our house so this is an awesome deal.
First Street Snack Size Storage Bags– Snack bags are a MUST for our lunch prep. Everything can be portioned out and prepared very easily with this size bag. You will definitely save money bagging your own items than buying them pre-packaged for you. 


First Street Souffle Cups (and lids)- These cups make lunch prep so easy- and adds variety. We pre-made them with First Street Ranch, First Street Salsa, First Street Sunflower Seed Butter and my kids (and parents too!) have really enjoyed the different options each day. It is a VERY inexpensive way to keep the lunches exciting.




The Bento Boxes that I featured on today’s show were also from Smart & Final. If you follow me on social media you may have seen me mention these before. Many readers have shared with me that they went and bought them already! They are very sturdy and the lids clamp down-which is great! No leaks or falling off. They are collapsible and fit great in a bag or backpack.  We bought a few different colors and after a couple weeks-they still even look brand new.  My husband actually loved the silverware inserts that came with them. I really believe they will last a long time. I have tried cheaper versions- and they have leaked, broke-and were thrown away within a month. Definitely worth the investment. 

I have 5 School aged kids +my husband and I prepare our lunches ahead. One good trip to Smart & Final gets us our list of favorites at a great price. Thenwe take about 30-45 minutes at the beginning of the week and prepare our lunches ahead of time. Once that is don is it grab and go the rest of the week!

We all contribute to the shopping list and we all make our own lunches. I found that this definitely cuts down on waste, and they will actually eat what I buy. 


That is why some of my kids make their sandwiches on Hawaiian Rolls now. They were taking a few bites and throwing away the sandwich. Now they use less to make them-and actually eat the whole sandwich!  Do what works for you and your family- you will learn more as you do it what works best and… HAVE FUN!!!!





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Cash Back Michael's Stores

Back To School Finds at Michael’s!

 Did you catch my Back to School Segment on Studio 40 Live! Here are the items from Michael’s I featured! Who wore that cute Back to School cut out better-my son or Gary Gelfand?? 


I brought 5 of my kids to Michael’s with me when I prepared for this segment- to make sure I was getting what they needed and they LOVED it! 

The back to School Bus sign was the biggest hit-and it was only $4!!
There was another sign I grabbed for the First Day of School, but because it shows their school and teacher name-I opted out of sharing online-but it is SO CUTE-$5!!!

Michael’s has one of the best selections of art supplies. My older kids have art classes and can’t use just any supplies- the selection of notepads and sketchbooks for different media is outstanding. 


My daughter got her Watercolor paints, watercolor notebook and brushes and she was thrilled. The 36 color pallet was only $5.99! She is very excited to use it.

My son grabbed another sketch book. This is a regular thing for him. He is very creative and it keeps him going to sketch his ideas. The pencils he chose were great too. He hates using just any kind of pencil . Spending $10 for a sketch book and some pencil to keep him creative is an awesome deal!

Now- the talk of the news anchors before the show- the 48 piece pencil and eraser set! Isn’t this just the CUTEST!! It was $5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to keep a few for myself just to have them at my desk! These make for great giveaways for class parties, birthday gifts, or even just to use!
The variety of Crayola products is HUGE at Michael’s. Yes, there are the basics-but you can also get so much more! PLUS-they were on sale Buy One Get One 50% OFF!

Here is the full TV Segment with all the Back to School Ideas-



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Cash Back Checkout 51 Drop Fetch Ibotta Smart & Final Stores

Back to School Smart & Final Deals and Printable Coupons!

Are your kids starting school this week? Mine are! There are some great deals this week to help with those school lunches!

Green, Red and Black Grapes $.88 lb!

Grab some snack size First Street bags and make singles servings available for your kids to grab for easy lunch packing that is easy on the budget!

Lays and Tostitos Family Size Chips $1.99 when you buy 2
Once again, this is a great deal on chips and you can divide them into bags for on-the-go lunch size servings

Capri Sun $2 each!

Save $2 when you buy 4 Box Top Participating Items
Nature Valley Bars $1.99
Print $.50 off 2 Nature Valley Bars
=$1.74 each

Toaster Strudel $1.99
Yoplait Yogurt Multi Packs $3.49
Chex Mix $2.29
Print $.50 off 2 Check Mix
=$2.04 each

Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks $2.29
Print $.50 off 2 Fruit Snacks

Kleenex 4 Pack $4.49 (grab extra for classroom donations!)

I plan very well for school lunches and easy breakfast-but don’t forget dinner!!
I grabbed a bunch of Chicken Breasts for $1.57lb !
I put a whole pack in the crock pot for some shredded chicken to be ready later!

Shredded Chicken tacos, adding BBQ Sauce for easy sandwiches, and for salads too!

Beef New York Steak is $4.99 lb- great for a BBQ night! 

If you  prefer your lunch snacks pre packaged- 
Nabisco, Cheez-its and Mother’s 12 Packs are $3.99 this week!

There is a printable coupon for Mother’s Cookies
Buy 2 Mother’s Cookies Multipacks $3.99 each
Print $1 off 2 Mother’s Cookies
=$3.49 each
$.29 per pack

General Mills Cereal $1.88 (when you buy 4 participating items)
Print $1 off 3 GM Cereals
=$1.55 each




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5 Tips For Buying Names Brands For Back to School Shopping!


Do you have kids that like name brands-but you can’t always buy them because of how much they are? 

I recommend shopping at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and Ross. Sometimes you may have to look through the stuff a little more depending on your store, but I can always find name brands at a great price that my kids really like. Often, they will be cheaper than NON name brand items.



I also am a frequent visitor to the Vacaville Outlets, or the Folsom Outlets. When there is a Holiday -the next one would be Labor Day-they have major % off sales and you can really stock up on specific name brands there! If you are shopping before the holiday, the weekends will have the best deals.
My son got a pair of  Nike shoes at the Nike Factory Outlet Store, regularly over $100, marked to $50-then he got 30%  off-so he paid $35 for them! He was SOOO happy!






I recently went to Marshalls and bought 3 back to School Outfits for my teen daughter for $57-brands that she likes too!
It is still 100 degrees out here so there is no way I am buying winter clothes yet- AND there were a LOT of Summer clothes on clearance! The same is true at most stores. 




1. Make a list before you shop! Go through your kids’ clothes and see what they have.
I got rid of shirts with stains or snags in them and then figured out that 1 son really didn’t need very much, so he got a new backpack, socks and another pair of shoes and he was pretty good! I also had the kids help me with the list. Then I find out what is important to them to make sure I am not wasting my money. Buying something that is a good deal is a waste of money of they won’t wear it. 

2. If you bought it during the Summer it is still NEW!
If you bought them new clothes for the summer-NOBODY AT SCHOOL KNOWS! Those clothes can be used as school clothes! 

I bought one daughter a bunch of shorts at an Old Navy sale, so she got a few shirts and shoes.  Then whatever I have already bought-I see what I can supplement it with. 

3. Prioritize. 
One of my sons had a MAJOR growth spurt this summer and NOTHING fits him-even his shorts look short!! So, I bought him some shorts in some basic colors (some on clearance) and then only 2 pairs of pants because I have a feeling it won’t last long. He gets to keep his backpack from last year because he took care of it, so I spent the most money on him so far. (But his clothes he grew out of -fit another brother, so it helped in that area because I spent less on the younger boys.

4. Stick to Your Budget-and be Honest With Your Kids..
There are a few things my kids wanted that just weren’t in my budget this month to get everything.  This is what I told them. ” I can buy you these things on your list now, and then next month I can get you ________- another pair of shoes, or  2 more shirts-or whatever I can’t get now. ”  I have also told them ” I know you want these pants that are $50, I can buy you 1 pair of those, or 2 pairs that are $25 each..or whatever item they are wanting that is making the budget tight”
Sometimes one or two may be disappointed, but mostly it gives them something to look forward to because they know they are getting new stuff again next month. Often times the items are on sale for a better price too!

5. Socks and Underwear
They are on sale most places. I bought the packs of Under Armor socks at Marshalls. Those types of stores have Nike, Puma, and Reebok socks too. 
They seem to last longer and buying them there make them more affordable. 
If you want to stick to Hanes socks that come in the packs, they are packaged with BONUS pairs of socks during this time-plus they may be on sale at Target and Walmart for back to School.  The underwear also have the bonus packs right now too. 
I really HATE when they can’t find socks (which never makes sense to me) so I like to start the stressful time of the new school year with LOTS OF SOCKS! If your budget is tighter, you can hold off on these items until you buy your main items.  The special BONUS packs often go on clearance in September if you can wait. 

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